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  1. Electronic Gold tester?

    I've been thinking about getting an electronic gold tester. Does anybody on here have any experience or recommendations on a good affordable tester. Also, do any of the electronic testers work on other metals like silver? Thanks
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Sterling Spoon Hallmark Help Please

    Can anyone on here ID these hallmarks on this serving spoon. It weighs 43 grams. Thanks
  3. ✅ SOLVED Jade Bat Bowl Asian? South American? Native American?

    I found this over 25 years ago at the landfill that I worked at. Back then, I showed it to a local gemologist who said it was a good quality jade but who knows. It is 8 inches across with these cool bats and a medallion in the center that looks Native American. I just pulled it out of a drawer...
  4. Help ID Please

    I am getting ready to gift this point and would like to also gift as much information about it. It was found on a ridge top camp about 200 yards from the Blue Ridge Parkway near Floyd Virginia. I'm looking for type, age, material type, and the name of the guy that made it :laughing7:. Picture is...
  5. Ring Found

    Howdy All, Yesterday afternoon, i was tagged on a facebook post about a lost ring. I had found a lost wedding ring for the friend who tagged me a few years ago. The post was about a young lady who had lost her engagement ring in her front yard. I contacted her and went over about 6:30 in the...
  6. Emerald Island NC detecing?

    Hey guys, I have a 40th anniversary of me kidnapping my wife from her parents and hitchhiking from New Jersey to North Carolina coming up and am trying to arrange a beach trip. Emerald Island NC has come up as a possibility. Do any of ya'll know if detecting is allowed there or do you have...
  7. Antique Hunters Pouch +

    I found this old leather hunters pouch at a VFW yard sale today. It had a bullet mold with balls, horn powder measure, patch cloth and wrapped in some old fiber is a bullet worm. $30 for all. I have 2 questions. What was the fiber wrapped around the worm used for and do you think the bullet mold...
  8. Yard Sale Tool Haul

    We stopped at a yard sale early this morning to see 2 large pickup loads headed out. I started grabbing and making a pile. Asked what i owed and paid $94 for everything. Dewalt drills & sawsall work great. Craftsman 760 Powermaster pellet gun shoots with plenty of power. Sure wish i had got...
  9. Elgin National Watch Co F11 Key needed

    I am trying to find a winding key for my Great-grandfathers Elgin F11 pocket watch. From the Elgin serial number ID site, it was made in 1883. I'm getting ready to pass it on to my nephew and thought it would be nice to find a winding key for it. I checked ebay with no luck. Does anybody on here...
  10. Sterling Hallmark Help Please

    Many years ago, we found these sterling salt & pepper shakers at a yard sale for $12. The weigh a total of 83 grams. Can anybody on here figure out the hallmarks? Thanks
  11. Lamaster China?

    I 'm going though boxes and found these in a box from my grandmothers house. One of her daughters spent time in Italy. I'm thinking that these might have come from her. Any ideas on where they were made 7 by whom? Thanks
  12. Seling the collection continued Picture Heavy

    Here are some better pictures of the riker cases. There are several more in cigar boxes in the basement and boxes of hardstone relics hid away down there too.
  13. Thinking about selling my collection

    Howdy All, I've been collecting relics since i was 10 years old and am now 66. I have several hundred whole points, lots of hardstone, a few pipes, one nice Ohio pot, boatstone, a few drilled wolf? teeth, bone beads, and on and on. I'm thinking of selling my collection and just wondering what...
  14. Real or reproduction

    This is for sale locally. Is it a repro or real?
  15. Stupid Question

    If you have a 250 pound pull magnet and it comes out of the water with 100 pound chunk of whatever attached to it, How do you get your magnet loose?
  16. Best detector for 11 year old

    I ruined an 11 year old by taking him metal detecting and his parents want to get him a detector for Christmas. He was using my Tesoro Compadre and I sent him home with a Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 to use until he gets his own. I recommended getting him a Compadre but didn't realize how hard...
  17. Wanted Tesoro Compadre for 11 year old

    I have ruined an 11 year old son of a friend by taking him detecting and letting him use my Compadre. His parents really want to get him a Compadre for Christmas. If you have one for sale PLEASE let me know. thanks
  18. Compadre Wanted

    I just had a friend ask me about getting a detector for her 13 year old son. I recommended the Compadre and am going to take him out this weekend and let him use mine. The kid is a natural born treasure hunter. Does anybody know of a dealer that might still sell Compadres or does anybody on here...
  19. Silver Hallmark Help

    My wife just picked up this candelabra and am curious about the hallmarks. Is it Sterling? It weighs 614 grams. Thanks
  20. Real or Fake Marketplace Ad