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  1. What is This?

    Looks like iridescent hematite.
  2. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED ID for some of my recent brass relics

    The round pieces might be end pieces from a roll up window blind
  3. Are old mining tailing fare game?

    If they are part of a legal claim, then stay off or face the consequences.
  4. Civil war what a travesty and needless deaths

    I can see the same thing happening in our near future. The storming of the capitol on January 6th by trumps supporters was only the beginning. I fear it will get much worse before long.
  5. Does anyone have any ideas about this anchor? Found at a beach in washington

    How big is it? It looks more like the hook off of a cant hook logging tool
  6. The Bannerstone Project

    It is about 2 inches long.
  7. The Bannerstone Project

    Are boatstones considered a type of banner stone? This one is from Meadows of Dan Virginia.
  8. Electronic Gold tester?

    Thanks, I'll check them out.
  9. Electronic Gold tester?

    I've been thinking about getting an electronic gold tester. Does anybody on here have any experience or recommendations on a good affordable tester. Also, do any of the electronic testers work on other metals like silver? Thanks
  10. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Sterling Spoon Hallmark Help Please

    Can anyone on here ID these hallmarks on this serving spoon. It weighs 43 grams. Thanks
  11. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Can anyone id this amber?

    If you can break off a tiny piece and put a flame to it, if it is amber, you will be able to smell a pine smell.
  12. Repaired with pine sap?

    pine pitch makes good glue but needs a hardener. Powdered shells or egg shells works good. If you could scrape off a tiny piece of the "glue" in your piece and then hit it with a flame, you will smell the pine if it is pine pitch. It is more than likely "modern" glue though.
  13. Ring or pull tab?

    I vote ring
  14. ✅ SOLVED Mother Goose Rhymes Book

    It is nice, isn't it!
  15. Artifacts or not?

    The pipe is from Point Pleasent Ohio {mid 1800s} and well worth your $3.
  16. ✅ SOLVED Seam agates

  17. A few Native American Artifacts, Calavarite & Silverite (Telluride)

    Sorry, I have to agree, All Naturals.