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  1. Edward 1st Hammered Coins

    Doubt I will have to hand them in, especially the FLO are not taking items in due to Covid concerns.
  2. Edward 1st Hammered Coins

    Hello everybody, my first post for quite a while. I’m not doing as much detecting as I use to due to arthritis in my knees which makes it difficult. But today managed a good few hours on a old site and had the most hammered coins I’ve had in a session. I think they are all Edward 1st pennies and...
  3. Carp Fishing

    :hello: I have been doing a lot of carp fishing the last few years, fishing a local syndicate and getting a few of the bigger fish.:icon_thumleft: SS
  4. Extra day off

    No my friend.... far from it, it's running amok I'm afraid. SS
  5. Ad's

    :headbang: Thanks TH, done it and there gone now.:occasion14: SS
  6. Ad's

    :hello2: Just come back to Treasurenet after a break, but I must say the Ad's..... there doing my head in.. :laughing7::laughing7: there a way to get rid.:laughing7: SS
  7. Coin From The Anarchy..King Stephen 1096/1154

    :hello: Yes your correct, I couldn't get enough detecting four years ago the thing that killed my passion was finding a site that had a unrecorded roman villa on it, my friend and I detected it for seven years straight and when it stopped giving up it's secrets, I lost the passion probably...
  8. Coin From The Anarchy..King Stephen 1096/1154

    Hi Cru:thumbsup: The cut half came from the same field and area from where I found the Earl Henry of Northumberland another coin from the civil war period, think there is a connection because its possibly a crossing point. During the battle of the standards a large army crossed the river Tees...

    :hello: Yes that's correct.. SS
  10. Extra day off

    Stunning pictures.:icon_thumright: SS
  11. Coin From The Anarchy..King Stephen 1096/1154

    :hello: I have not been on Treasurenet for a long time, to be honest lost a bit of passion for the detecting but I thought I might show you a first for me that I found last time out back in August. The cut half coin is that of King Stephen from the time of the Anarchy in English history...
  12. Metal Working Site - HAMMERED & The Hare & The Fly...

    Yes I pop back in to TNet from time to time, I will always be around and hope to do some more detecting after the virus buggers off:laughing9: I actually spoke to one of my farmers and he was ok with me going on his land, but reading the news this morning I think the lockdown is going to get...
  13. Metal Working Site - HAMMERED & The Hare & The Fly...

    Great day's detecting:headbang: There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding social distancing, and while I agree being out in the middle of no where detecting seems reasonable, but the police are stopping folks from going out in there car to a quiet spot for daily exercise:icon_scratch...
  14. Is this a buckle?

    Thanks for pointing that out, for some reason I only seen the first post, the reply's did not appear:icon_scratch:
  15. Is this a buckle?

    :hello: Hi.. this looks more like a decrotive leather mount, than a buckle.:icon_thumleft: SS
  16. Three buckle day

    :hello: I would date the buckles a bit older, probably 14/15 hundreds, good day :icon_thumleft: SS
  17. Ancient traces of an old road (Part 4)

    :hello: Lovely find and great pictures. The silver item to me looks to me more like a decrotive belt fitting:headbang: I would have no problem dating that to early medieval period, the pattern looks to me to be hand tooled.:icon_thumright: SS
  18. What is this? Ancient artifact

    It's part of a Roman broach :thumbsup: SS
  19. German Silver, Roman Silver and an Iron age Bracelet

    i thought that to:dontknow: Great finds Lou:icon_thumleft: SS
  20. Need help with coin ID

    yes they certainly did, most were produced locally SS