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  1. 40 year old dog food or cat food? Maybe tuna

    Don't open it. We have enough virus variants already
  2. Roman Metal Working Site - Cru'Team - Day 19 - Hammered + CELTIC SILVER...

    Oh man that Celtic is amazing. Congrats!

  4. Roman Metal Working Site - Cru'Team - Day 18...

    round thing with the protruding pin in the 2nd pic looks like the base of a pinfire shotgun shell. cool Roman stuff as always
  5. ID Please - Silver Buckle?

  6. 1875 Seated Liberty Half Dollar

    very nice
  7. Unidentified Fossils

    cool fossils
  8. 1897 Indian, Ball Button and Potential Rev War Regiment Button?

    cool bell. Don't have a clue about the button
  9. Several Short Hunts From The Week

    that golf trophy guy made me laugh for some reason
  10. 1700s coin spill! Fugios, 2-Reale, and Draped Bust!

    incredible. congrats!
  11. CSA Button and Other Relics

  12. Iron mystery

    kinda reminds me of the end of an antique window transom pole
  13. 1785 Nova Constellatio, my best coin ever!

    that's incredible
  14. 1854 Seated Liberty half dollar

    that's beautiful!
  15. 2 days, 21 early American copper coins!

    wow that's awesome!
  16. USA Rev war button

    that's pretty sweet!
  17. A token spill!!

    awesome tokens! I'd love a dig like that
  18. Could use some help!

    I agree