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  1. best beach detector with underwater capabilities

    That’s what I use
  2. Wolf Scull. Dire wolf Scull??

    Looks like a coyote being 6 in
  3. ID this jaw please.

    Looks like cow
  4. Rare Meteor? revisiting my find from 2015

    Those images are blurry
  5. ✅ SOLVED Farm Field Finds

    Could you post another picture of the button it kinda looks like a thistle
  6. In the 802

    These are the 2 biggest pieces of the day and my total so far this season.
  7. In the 802

    This was part of last season’s take
  8. In the 802

    Headed north to find the shiny in the morning
  9. Brass Tips

    One looks like a broken rivet and the other 2 look like Indian tinker cones after seeing the ruler after my post I have to agree with DCMat there to big for tinker cones
  10. OT: Memorial Day 2021.

    Thank you for your service!
  11. Meteorite?

    I’d say no
  12. Today’s take

    I did but there’s soluble air in tap water so even though it’s caped under water in time a bubble still forms
  13. Today’s take

    This is average some visit’s produce more some less. The Vt. Sluce box season runs from July 1 through October 1 it adds up in the end. This is just over 3 Gm from last season hopefully I’ll bubble it this one?
  14. Today’s take

  15. Today’s take

    Today’s take on the rock In the 802
  16. Any ideas

    It’s a frame of a pulley like a old close line.
  17. Looks hand forged.

    Like this
  18. Looks hand forged.

    Looks like a part from a hay bailer for the string?
  19. ✅ SOLVED farm cultivator part?

    It’s a tooth from a sickle bar mower