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  1. 1825 U.S. Half Cent

    went out after work in the field they were just finishing up the crops in. I had about a half hour till dark. 10 mins in and find this. In bad shape but great recovery. Thanks for looking.

    I can remember this tread when it started lol
  3. My First Confederate Button

    I dug up a script I confederate button up here in NW Ohio a couple years ago. Hard to believe that button was in a farm field up here.
  4. Ordered my first Minelab

    Just got the Nox today. Put it together and now itching to get out in the farm fields. I played with it in my test garden and it’s fast on separation like the deus. I know this will help in the trashy sites. It hit everything in my garden so it’s plenty deep enough. The multi frequency is what...
  5. Ordered my first Minelab

    The Gold worked great for me and separated in the trashy farm fields great. It loves old copper. I found dozens of IH cents and some large and half cents with it.
  6. Ordered my first Minelab

    I have the equinox 600 on the way. I’ve been detecting for a few years now and have owned many detectors. My current is the AT Max. I had the XP Deus which was ok but never could quite get comfortable with it. I’ve had the Ace 350, AT Pro and AT Gold. With the Gold being to this day my most...
  7. Anyone Getting Any Garrett Gear For Fathers Day?

    I will get some soon. Haven’t been on in a while I miss all the finds. Sry guys I’ll be on more now. I find lots of stuff and never post like I use to. Bad me lol
  8. Gold Dust, Silver Coins & Crystallizing Petrified Wood!

    Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on. I changed phones and have been real busy. I’m having some issues with my legs so haven’t been out. I am missing detecting so much so it’s nice to get on here and see how everyone is doing. Keep the finds coming.
  9. Before i trash it, help me identify this Eagle.

    Looks like what's left of a medal of some sort. Not civil war but maybe WW1 or 2
  10. Nel Thunder for AT Max

    Will do. If you look I was the one who posted about the thunder as well. It's going to be a great coil for the AT Max.
  11. Nel Thunder for AT Max

    Yea I don't understand how the Garrett coils work for all three AT series detector but don't with the Nel coils. In my exp any Nel coil put on the AT series detector is going to out preform the Garrett of similar size. I have the sharpshooter for the Max as well and have only air tested. I will...
  12. Nel Thunder for AT Max

    If you go to their website it will give a number rating 0-10 on 4 areas for each coil. Depth, separation, sensitivity to small targets and sensitivity to large targets. This is only charts I have seen. I will tell you the tornado was a great all around coil so the thunder should be as well. The...
  13. AT Max Custom Setup

    Yes and it works as it should. It separates better and deeper than stck coil.
  14. AT Max Custom Setup

    I have the thunder for the Max and it worked great. It is better than the stock. I just got the cors 9.5x5.5 because most of my detecting is in trashy old home sites.
  15. AT Max Custom Setup

    Truth I've heard it's a deep coil but heavy. Never bought that on for any of my machines. I will tell you the NEL tornado was a great coil for the AT Gold. I found a seated dime in with old nails. Couldn't believe I heard the dime but it picked it out. The nails were within a few inches of the dime.
  16. AT Max Custom Setup

    Wyandot county
  17. Nel Thunder for AT Max

    I just picked up a Cors fortune for the Max and if the weather was better I would give it a try. Like I said I like the small coils and this is the same as the NEL sharpshooter. It's 9.5x5.5. Should be great in the sites I hunt. I'll use the stock and thunder for special situations.
  18. AT Max Custom Setup

    I feel your pain I live in NW Ohio and the weather isn't looking good by any means. I don't like detecting when it this cold or when snow is on the ground. I have a job coming up soon that will have me back down in NC gone 10 days and home for 4. I plan to take a detector with me this time.
  19. How tight to wrap the coil cable?

    Knock on wood I've owned AT Pro, AT Gold and now the AT Max and I'm rough with them. I never had an issue. I don't throw them or use my detector as a hammer or prybar but I don't baby it either. Every detector I've seen could do that.