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  1. Tavern trash pit dig yields Spanish half real

    awesome man! congrats and thanks for adding the history pics love it!!! an amazing recovery!
  2. Penny gear, token, printing plate, keys and various finds…

    nice hunting! love all the relics! congratulations!
  3. 🥇 BANNER Civil War canteen with soldiers name etched in! (Native American Civil War unit)

    wow!... just amazing! congratulations! BANNER VOTE IN!
  4. Dads stuff

    Sorry about your dad, my friend. Must be bittersweet going through his things. That's a very cool error coin. :icon_thumright:
  5. Seated Star

    wow!...very cool and unique find! love it, congrats!
  6. Nice Seated half dollar.

    amazing find, congrats! your pics are super clear...beautiful! WTG!
  7. 4 Meg day

    wow! what a haul!...congrats man, that cream colored tooth is a beaut!!!
  8. US Belt Plate

    still cant believe that!...what an incredible find and piece of history! too bad we didn't ID it in the field so we could have celebrated a little more lol. nice work Bro!
  9. Finally got out.....

    yeah buddy! love it all, nice digs Mike! ..that skeleton key is nice!
  10. 6-24 farm digs

    nice bunch of digs bro! love that buckle with the date...too cool!
  11. Bucket Lister: My first SLQ!

    wow! one of my favorite coins and that one may be the nicest I've ever seen dug! congrats on a beaut!!!
  12. Surprising New Site: Silver, Military, and Best of all Masonic Cufflinks!

    wow! what a bunch of killer finds! congrats man, that is some good hunting. those masonic cufflinks are awesome and that Indian is a beaut! love it all.
  13. 3 years and 15 minutes of hunting today.

    beautiful!!! congrats on such a sweet coin, and from your own property!!! wonderful.
  14. Day 1 Amazing Woods Site - likely ancient logging camp

    man that is just incredible. amazing hunt, that had to have been so crazy and so much fun. why so many 3 cent pieces is a mystery. congratulations!
  15. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Gold Ring Return

    wow! well done bro! awesome recovery!...that's something she will never forget!
  16. 1910 GB 1/2 Penny

    nice digs bro! looks like a strange planchet mark at the top of Edward VII's head? cool finds though, what is the copper looking thing in the bottom left corner?
  17. 1910 GB 1/2 Penny

    "whatcha got there" :laughing7:
  18. Clean and preserved item from last outing

    nice job!! it!
  19. George Washington Inaugural Button

    WOW! What a beauty!!! Congratulations! Great story too...WTG!
  20. First 2021 Silvers

    great bunch of digs bro! is that some sort of counterstamp on that merc?