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  1. Navy Hatpin Sterling

    I found this on Thursday and can't find one like it anywhere. Age and manufacture info is what I'm looking for. American Eagle surrounded by 13 stars Clutching an anchor over stacked cannonballs Clearly marked STERLING on back Pin was probably broken off by me it looks solid silver too It's...
  2. Rev War?

    Do you see What I see? Bucket-Lister! Did a small neighborhood park in Weston. Arty. Cuff Button with shank, Silver Button no shank, and buckle tongue. My question is it Continental or British? XP Deus 11" x35 Calabash's pitch program tracking 4 .
  3. Waltham Ice Company Hat Badge

    Found this in Waltham MA Sunday did a quick Google search The only thing found in a 10x10 area that I was allowed to detect on a Patio construction site. Iron nails covered the area. Then over to Whitney Hill again HH, everyone!
  4. Back up to Whitney Hill

    Went up the hill today Heat and Humidity was killing me. Found another Relic Some farmer Lost his spoon, knee buckle, and now a shoe buckle Probably done with the area for a bit. Todays finds 3 wheat pennies a broken up pin half a rusted toy gun 1700 shoe buckle too hot out there today 73 in...

    Found this 06-25-18 didn't know what I had Threw it on a paper towel with the highlights took a pic and posted in my facebook group, the response was quick. I was told it's a 17th early 18th Seal Top spoon rarely found complete. Original pic Some pics people asked for top Bowl After...
  6. 1690 -1720 Knee Buckle

    Whitehead 651 Buckle, 2 silver pendants a rosie, a merc, a buff, key fob, zippo, 3 wheats, and an Iron toy shovel. the site has been good this week a 17th early 18th century Seal top spoon, and SLQ, Merc, and more the 3 prev hunts Happy Hunting all!
  7. Buck Rogers Ray Gun

    How should I clean this up? Electrolysis? or just brush the dirt off.
  8. Sterling Butter Knife

    Found this Metal detecting in Lincoln Ma yesterday Wondering the Maker, or pattern if it has any premium value? Thanks for looking and Happy Hunting!
  9. ✅ SOLVED Button Military?

    Anyone ID it?
  10. ✅ SOLVED as small as a trime but unlike

    3 rd pic it's ditting on a 1908D Indian head 5th sitting on 1945P War nic for size comparison. No Ideas here What say you? in a park down by the River. 1630's Massachusetts town @ 5 inches down
  11. any Ideas?

    found in a school yard today about quarter sized
  12. ✅ SOLVED Can you date a Louis ?

    My eyes are shot Also cuff button and a flat button Thanks happy Hunting All !
  13. Cast lead

    any Ideas?
  14. Badge?

    Any Ideas ? the rest are button, wheat cent 1944. indian penny 1874 indian penny 18??. crotal bell, eyepiece teledcope, and a elly bros, 12 something. Productive day
  15. ✅ SOLVED Pewter utensil hallmark can you date this ?

    found this today out in the woods Can anyone date it? Also got these All in all a nice day
  16. ✅ SOLVED colonial copper

    Got a copper now to date it. My eyes are trash
  17. Silver cube?

    14.346 oz rings up silver on at pro and a fisher, non magnetic, black oxidized took a file to it and shinny like silver. What do you think?
  18. Found a big honking medal

    In the river in Waltham struck in bronze ? images on both sides no writing have no clue what it's about any ideas? Thanks for looking !
  19. ✅ SOLVED Hood ornament ID ?

    Anyone know Hood Ornaments ?
  20. ✅ SOLVED Eagle Button or medal ?

    found it by the river today in the roots 8" down has a broken shank and a rectangle hole, old style eagle like a Geo Washington button. but why the hole?