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  1. Walker river 395

    Anyone pan the walker river that runs along the 395 between bridgport and Mono? I was just there two days ago driving thru from Tahoe going home and stopped with the family to let the kids play in the water. Was wondering if there was gold in the river..
  2. Tonopah, Goldfield and surrounding areas

    Anyone have experience in this area? Is it legal to go up there and pan or MD? Its pretty much a ghost town now and I would love to go hit some tailings there.
  3. Goldfield

    Was just taking a look on google earth and Goldfield has so many mines that are visible there that you cannot count how many are spread out. There are a few larger ones that look to be operating but the vast majority are way out and don;t look active. Its a cool sight to see. Anyone do any...
  4. Gold Grabber mini

    Anyone have one? Thoughts? I am thinking of purchasing it.
  5. Bounty Hunter model 63-3012 Discovery 3000

    I own the 63-3012 that my wife bouoght me a few years ago. I've been using it for years and was wondering if anyone else owns this model and your feedback on it. How does it compare to an Ace 250? Thanks! Sorry, I initially said I had the 63-3015 but it is actually the 3012.
  6. Apache Trail.

    Reading a book on Arizona and New Mexico from the 1800's (more like a diary) and it contains some very detail information about the whereabouts of Apache villages, gold mines etc in the area. Anyone familiar with the area?
  7. Santa Cruz Island wrecks

    So Im not a diver nor am I interested in Diving wrecks. I swing a metal detector on dry land but more than that, I am an avid reader of the history of the early west. Anyway, I recently read a book that was a diary from the early 1900's and had some information regarding shipwrecks and treasure...
  8. Death Valley in 49 by William Lewis Manly

    Death Valley in '49 by William Lewis Manly Definate must read of a first hand account of a Pioneer. Probably the best I've ever read.
  9. Found this

    Was out doing a little hike today at lunch and found this. Took a plastic baggy size sample from the inlet. Pictured is the "outlet" side and not much material but on the "inlet" side there was at least 4 inches of material including rocks built up. I didn't get a pic of the inlet side...
  10. Got my new pans and put away my MD

    So I decided that with all my backpacking that it would be easier and just as fun to carry my pans and pan while out hiking instead of hauling my MD. I live in Southern California and close to some great gold bearing areas. Im about 30 minutes from Ojai and Santa Clarita and do alot of packing...
  11. Blue Bucket mine

    Anyone here familiar with this story? I recently bought a book that was printed in 1951 that told about it.
  12. Sight find in my backyard

    So, I was in my backyard spraying weeds in an area under a large tree when I noticed the edge of a ring peeking out of the dirt. I have three kids and this is their play area so I figured it was one of their many toy rings. I bent down, pulled it from the dirt and as I was breaking away the...
  13. Wanted Ace 250

    Anyone looking to get rid of their Ace 250?
  14. Heading up to Eastern Sierras next week

    My 35th annual opening day fishing up at June lake. I like to stop and hunt interesting places on my way up so if anyone has a lead that is anywhere near the 395 between LA and June Lake Loop I would be interested in hearing about it. Otherwise, I will be hitting some places I;ve found on...
  15. Anyone familiar with the Book Where to find gold in Southern California?

    Its written by James Klien. I just picked it up the other day and have been reading it. Anyone know Mr. Klien? Its a great book but I have some questions about his story about the gold mine he found.
  16. Frank Fish questions

    Can anyone give me more info on Frank Fish and his book? I am planning on backpacking from Tahoe to the start of the American river and following it down. I read that he found some large gold caches in the area?? My point for doing the trip is to MD my way down looking for such caches. Thanks
  17. Hitting somewhere along highway 33 near ojai Friday

    If anyone is in the area. I saw some canyons that look promising. Anyone have any leads for good spots in the area? Mike
  18. Sespe

    I'm going to be backpacking the Sespe for a couple days soon. I'll be hitting a couple spots that look very interesting. Anyone have any personal experiences, stories etc regarding the Sespe? I;ve been up there a few times ( I live 30 minutes from Santa Paula) and love to explore.
  19. Any leads in Southern California specifically Sespe mountains

    Any leads for treasure in the Sespe's? I know aof a couple but i;m looking for more info that I may not have that may help me. Thanks!
  20. Pesky Geocaches

    Was out hunting on my lunch yesterday and found a geocache. Two tickets to some event at the LA Sports arena were inside but they were from 2004. I didn't have a pen on me to sign the list of people that found it though.