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  1. 2022 MARG hunt?

    I tried to look for it online but apparently Margret Hunt is a very popular woman. Does anyone know if there is going to be a hunt this spring? I am trying to figure out this year's vacation.
  2. Congratulations to Brad Johns' wife.

    She had a baby girl the other day and SHE did all of the work. Brad just provided some seed and support. May she grow big and strong and healthy.
  3. Round horseshoe

    I found one. How common are they?
  4. Found an old ring

    I have been detecting a road tear out where the stuff under the road is late 1800s to early 1900's. I got an indian there, 1903, and a half penny or a two cent. Hard to say because it is smooth as Brad's butt. The ring is small and has a tiny hallmark which to the best I can tell is -> U <- or...
  5. Interesting interference

    This is the school I went to in the 70's. I was there today to tune in my sounds and numbers where it is real easy. This time there is a massive interference that renders the detector useless. The circled area is where I went to try to get out of the reach of the noise. No go. I have been...
  6. Useful VDI chart for Nox 800?

    I got a nox and have not found a decent VDI chart to assist me in learning my new machine. There are a few online, but most are either poor or they have lots of stuff that the average person is not going to find more than once in a lifetime such as platinum ingot and the like. Anyone have one...
  7. Brass triangle with concentric circles

    Any clue what this is? I forgot to mention that it is 6 inches to a side, brass, quite thin, looks almost identical on the reverse except that it has a rolled rim.
  8. No idea what this is. Do you know?

    An acquaintance of an acquaintance has this. No one knows what it is. I think maybe some sort of specialty hammer head?
  9. Confederate cannon

    There is a cannon they are calling a confederate 3 incher. I don't think it is real. I think that if it was real, in the condition it is in, people would have it bid so high that no one could afford it. It is a fake isn't it?
  10. OJ unused foil tops.

    I was at an old park and found a pile of unused foil milk bottle lids. These ones were for The Butter Capitol Dairy of Owatonna MN. So far, no one I have talked to has heard of the company. They were nested inside each other with the outside ones protecting the inside ones. In all, there were 11...
  11. KKK tokens

    A place I hunted today used to be used for Klan meetings. It is a huge park and I imagine that they had to have lost tokens there. Does anyone know what they ring up as as far as an AT Pro? While they are reprehensible people, the tokens are a piece of history.
  12. 2 rings from the 1733 Fleet

    It took almost 3 months to find out whether these were from a shipwreck or not. This weekend I found out that there is a better chance than not that these two rings came from one of the ships of the 1733 Fleet.
  13. Carrot issue

    I have a carrot that buzzes instead of the normal sound. It was not like that before and even when I put a new battery in, it still does the wrong thing. When the battery is just a little bit used, it pulses when on a target. Plus it has lost range considerably. any ideas?
  14. A day in Tombstone.

    I went on Vacation to AZ and took a little video. May be one more coming.
  15. Where NOT to go in AZ

    I know that no one is going to give up their hot spots, and I would not either, but can anyone tell me where not to even bother looking in AZ for gold? I know that the Holbrook area is a waste of time, but any other areas that are useless?
  16. AZ sluicing and highbanking

    Anyone know what the rules are for these tools? I looked, but all I find is mumbo jumbo. This would be BLM lands.
  17. Types of areas to detect

    I have been detecting for about a year now. Started with a Ace 300 because the Ebay seller advertised an AT Pro, but had in the fine print that it was a Ace that was actually for sale and didn't catch it in time. Then I upgraded to an AT Pro, I have hit just about every type of area that I could...
  18. ACE 300 settings changing

    I have a brand new ACE 300 and when I have it in coin mode and turn the descrim way up, it turns it way down on me. Where I am detecting, all I care about is silver. I don't care about pennies or nickles or artifacts. I just want to go for silver. When it turns the descrim way down on its own...
  19. I dont know what it is.

    I don't know what it is. Anyone know what this is? I found it where the river was rerouted through the old turn of the century dump. The newest thing I have ever seen from there is roughly around the late 20's. The back side has a screw on davit which is in perfect shape. It unscrewed with no...