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  1. Navy Hatpin Sterling

    Nice save, mine I don't think ever served as a button. I've taken a better pic of the back.
  2. Navy Hatpin Sterling

    I found this on Thursday and can't find one like it anywhere. Age and manufacture info is what I'm looking for. American Eagle surrounded by 13 stars Clutching an anchor over stacked cannonballs Clearly marked STERLING on back Pin was probably broken off by me it looks solid silver too It's...
  3. Rev War?

    Thanks for your help! I just found this Early Buttons Item eb22 and I spoke with the owner of the sight he ID it as a USA & E I believe that is what you have. Poor shape but rare Powhatan station relics. early buttons I have one that has been sold -----Original Message----- From: Rick...
  4. Rev War?

    Thank you. is there a reference site that may have an image?
  5. Rev War?

    when I googled images of rev arty buttons all I see are ones with the cannon facing right. Mine faces left.
  6. Rev War?

    Do you see What I see? Bucket-Lister! Did a small neighborhood park in Weston. Arty. Cuff Button with shank, Silver Button no shank, and buckle tongue. My question is it Continental or British? XP Deus 11" x35 Calabash's pitch program tracking 4 .
  7. Waltham Ice Company Hat Badge

    Found this in Waltham MA Sunday did a quick Google search The only thing found in a 10x10 area that I was allowed to detect on a Patio construction site. Iron nails covered the area. Then over to Whitney Hill again HH, everyone!

    Looks to be Copper
  9. Back up to Whitney Hill

    Thank you! think it's pewter
  10. Back up to Whitney Hill

    Went up the hill today Heat and Humidity was killing me. Found another Relic Some farmer Lost his spoon, knee buckle, and now a shoe buckle Probably done with the area for a bit. Todays finds 3 wheat pennies a broken up pin half a rusted toy gun 1700 shoe buckle too hot out there today 73 in...

    It helps that if I had to I could walk there. I stay off the trails and bushwack My legs are scared all over the bushes wack back. In 1630 Watertown's western border was the Pacific. as the charter had no western border. Like I say it's all old dirt here.

    I've been there well over 20 times detecting, it's one of my where to go today places. Grew up in the area Sledded there built forts and played army there. Most avoid it I keep going it's close and all the dirt is old here.

    Nice collection! I have to admit when I pulled it out I almost did the Stealth Diggers toss. I really didn't know what I had. No makers mark, the top is flat no Signet there either. Mine looks like your last picture. Found on the site of the Wincoll, Whitney, How Allotments The town has a...

    On a hillside overlooking Orchard st. No history of a dwelling on the site. Plowing on the hill would have been very problematic the incline is steep. The Towns poor farm was across Orchard st. and in between that and the hillside was a town dumpsite. The only other Colonial artifact I've found...
  15. 1690 -1720 Knee Buckle

    Just posted it after electrolysis under my best finds Thank you!

    Found this 06-25-18 didn't know what I had Threw it on a paper towel with the highlights took a pic and posted in my facebook group, the response was quick. I was told it's a 17th early 18th Seal Top spoon rarely found complete. Original pic Some pics people asked for top Bowl After...
  17. 1690 -1720 Knee Buckle

    Right up there with you. I smoked last night, killed off 1/2 my DVR list. Just never roll anymore. Went back to the hill again today skunked No silver, no relics, plenty of Bottle caps and a handfull of clad maybe a wheatie or 2. HH everyone
  18. 1690 -1720 Knee Buckle

    Thought of that but since I was posting in Todays finds for that day I thought I'd slip it in here.
  19. 1690 -1720 Knee Buckle

    It is the top of the Spoon and the Roach Clip is a Solderers hands-free second set of hands with a Magnifying glass. Who smokes joints anymore? I found 4 or 5 Stashes in the woods all pipes or Blunts. Conservation land in town 1630 is my towns date. In that year the town was founded without a...
  20. 1690 -1720 Knee Buckle

    I'm partial to the Silvers but the Seal Top Spoon got all the love on my facebook groups seems most are found in pieces Town founded 1630 all the dirt is old. The pot pipe won't delete, Oh well Ran the Iron shovel thru electrolysis cleaned up nice