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  1. 14K and a summation Sign?

    possibly 14 karat electroplate??
  2. case for my sons finds

    Mine is a Charlie McCarthy found at an old house that burned down..Rich
  3. 1929-1931 Chevrolet radiator cap

    Posted this already on "What is it" but I think I solved it.
  4. Hood ornimate/Gas cap????

    Dug this pretty deep at an old farm house, still has traces of gilt and red paint. Any ideas what it came off of?? Thanks Rich.
  5. case for my sons finds

    I also made this one awhile back for a New York Central R.R. lock we pulled out of a dried up creek bed in PA.
  6. Need help with a garage sale box find

    Try this for the one on the right: probably the first one, Air Command and Staff College
  7. case for my sons finds

    Was at a tag sale yesterday and picked up one of those cheap wood box's that had some kind of fish in it (.50) and a wood sliding top. Took it to my shop and replaced the wood with glass (free:laughing7:) I cut two pieces of cardboard to fit inside. I took it home and my wife had some red fabric...
  8. Need a buckle expert.

    My son and I finally got permission to hunt an old farmhouse that dates back to 1760. The old woman that lives there said it was never detected. Had alot of troble getting the MXT to stablize. Alot of noise and iron. The coins eluded us but we dug these two nice buckles. Any ideas what they are...
  9. The Nat Geo show "Diggers"

    If "Diggers" comes back, they should change the name so it is'nt confused with "American Digger". At least on "Diggers" it's believable.
  10. Button ???

    Wow, that looks just like mine right down to the slight flair on the rim. BCH, up here in New England a "green" is a place in the center of town that was used for gatherings or events as far back as the late 1700's every town up here still has one. What post was that last pic from? Rich.
  11. Button ???

    I forgot to mention, mine is convex like a little bowl..Rich.
  12. Button ???

    Hi guys, not sure if this is a button? Theres no evidence of a shank on the back. It's brass and about the dia. of a quarter. It has a upper case "E" on it with a sort of faint dotted design. Found about 5" down at a green that dates back to the mid 1800's, Thanks Rich..
  13. Weight a minute!!!!

    Sorry about the crappy pic, it's from my ipod. Found this next to a road that dates back to the mid 1800's. Any ideas what it was used for? Apothocary maybe? It's about the diam. of a nickle but twice as thick, made of {brass?) and marked 1/2 oz. Thanks Rich.
  14. ✅ SOLVED Buckle??

    Hi guys, found this at an old ghost town today (Masten PA.) Any info would be appreciated. Is it some kind of buckle,suspender piece or part of a horse harness? I'm pretty sure it's brass. Thanks Rich.i
  15. anyone like AMERICAN DIGGER show...Not Me

    Based on those valuations, my junk pile is worth about a million dollars!
  16. richm


  17. First Gold Bracelet find in a thrift store! Huge profit

    NICE!!! $522.00+ at todays price. Last year I was at a tag sale and they had a few necklaces, one was pretty hefty and I could see What I thought was either 10k or 18k with the bare eye. I paid $4.00, drove a half mile to my friend who has a coin shop and buys gold and got $240.00. Made $236.00...
  18. Post your locks!!!!

    My son and myself found this in a dried up river bed in central PA. almost couuldn't get it out from under all the creek rock. It's a New York Central R.R. lock. I wonder how it got there??
  19. grand lodge of Neraska medal 1907

    Still on vacation in PA. (no power in CT.) So my pics are from my ipod, sorry. Found this at an old homestead built in the Cival War era. 50th anniversery of thre Grand Lodge of Nebraska. Beautiful medal with awesome patina. I think this is a thing of beauty! Any idea of value? Thanks guys....Rich.
  20. Screwback pin with three towers and large "F"

    Screwback pin with three towers and large "F" On vacation in Pa. And my iPod won't let me post a pic, but I'll put one up when I get home. Found an old screwback pin at an old homestead in PA. With what looks like three towers or buildings with a large "F" over the center one. Any ideas what it...