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  1. Docs House

    It is. You are correct.
  2. Docs House

    Doc's House Story goes that this old house was built in the 1860's by a doctor who served the folks of the surrounding area. Later on it belonged to another doctor who remained in it through WW2 and up to the mid '50s. Afterwards there were two other owners. I acquired the house and...

    Haven't given it up, but have slowed it down. I still have me an RC about twice a month.

    I had the same thing happen in '69, only it was Frostie Root Beer, and a cigarette butt. No popcorn, and no tv involved.

    Max , not trying to take your post over by any means, but I gotta share this. Hope you don't mind. I went to the OI website to see where #5 was in 1961. Strange enough they show plant #5 to be in Cincinnati, OH from 1933 to 1939 (idle), then reassigned to Charlotte, Michigan in 1963. Show...

    I found this one in an old house a few years ago. It was made in 1961. Not sure where it was made, as it came from plant #5, however, between the time it was made, and 1963 that plant closed and the plant # was reassigned to Charlotte, Michigan in 1963. Suppose you would have to have an older...

    Yup. Now they are more like moon wafers with a bit of moon dust mixed in. Far cry from what they use to be.

    Chuck Norris. Finally a name I recognize !!! But who is this Obama they keep talking about ?
  9. Call the cops if you recognize this person.

    Well it may have happened three years ago, but if the Malaysian authorities would like to send her here, I have a tall tree and a short piece of rope I'll be glad to utilize.
  10. Bass Hits Glass

    Cool finds.
  11. Who here could you trust with a secret?

    Oh Wow !! The other guy posted an interpretation to the poem. But poor guy got his computer hacked, and all his files raided. Some hacker got all his secret info so now they know where the cache is. Doggone it Bloodline, did you hack that poor fellow's computer ?
  12. Who here could you trust with a secret?

    Wow , see there creskol it's okay that you only found a nail from the horse shoes I left when I took the gold. At least you got away with your life before xrunndoex's cartel got there.
  13. Who here could you trust with a secret?

    All true. However, if I were to want to fabricate a secret or two just to pull some chains and see how many gullible people would bite wilst I sat back and laughed, (no I would not do that, though there are quite a few people in the world who would), I would take my fabricated secrets to a place...
  14. Who here could you trust with a secret?

    creskol , it should not have been empty. I left a couple of horse shoes in it as a signal that I had already taken the three mil. Hmm, I bet somebody stole the horse shoes.
  15. More bloody

    Very nice.
  16. BANG BANG!

    I know its hard to tell from a picture sometimes, but my first thought was the bore looks a little big for a .22. I think you nailed it with the .32.

    I mentioned this on another thread, but here goes anyway. When I was a kid, anyone in our area that wanted to drill a new well, would get my grandfather to go out first and dowse (we called it water witching) for the best spot. I learned from him when I was about 6 or 7 years old. There was...
  18. Want to try Dowsing?

    This is cool. When I was kid , if anybody wanted to drill a well on their land in our neck of the woods, they would first get my grandfather to go out and locate the best spot. He could find water with rods as well as with forked peach tree branches, and I learned it from him when I was probably...
  19. Are these some kind of Opal...?

    Agreed. That stuff all over west Texas and New Mexico.