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  1. Northern California KGC Gold

    The KGC did have alot of activity in northern california. I had spent 8 years researching these activities and was able to find quite a large amount of info. I have been to places where they moved about. There is a hotel in northern california that has a ledger with the name of Jesse James...
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    IMG 20170403 180207

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  4. 20200830 180428~2

    20200830 180428~2

  5. 20200830 180408~2

    20200830 180408~2

  6. coin finds

    coin finds

    finds over the years
  7. KY Historical Markers

    look into Hardin County for info on John Swift. spent years locating markers/sites of his name and mines.
  8. "The Woman Lying on Her Back?"

    there is a mountain range that looks exactly like a woman lying on her back. a fellow treasure hunting partner has seen it as well. this may sound too far fetched, but if you watch the movie "Seripham Falls", which was filmed in New Mexico; you will see the lady. you need to watch the segment...
  9. registered historical places

    My question here is if a home or other type building/land is registered historical does the homeowner's permission override the state or federal law? Thanks
  10. skeleton canyon treasure

    Everyone who is interested in the treasure of Skeleton Canyon should look outside the box for clues. You can sit there and read and re-read all the stories by treasure writers related to this legend, but the real clues are not found there. Look into the army/cavalry movements during that time...
  11. In Cape Girardeau MO

    Hello. I have a ton of sites in SE Missouri. A lot of them are not well know. all this comes from my manuscript that will be out next year. If you want a few really good spots contact me PM. these sites took over 5 years to track down and put a GPS waypoint to them. If you have a specific...
  12. Book name

    I'm here in Missouri, but have an extensive civil war library. let me know the area you are interested in and I can see what I come up with.
  13. Production Company Looking For Experts on Skeleton Canyon/SW Treasure Hunting

    I would like to say that I am not in this to be on any TV production or to make money. I would donate some of my material to be utilized for this project to prove this legend to be true.
  14. Cave Treasure

    Cave in Rock was also used for a backdrop/set for the movie "How The West Was Won" Some people have found relics from when they filmed there.
  15. Coon Creek

    There is a Coon Creek in Jersey County Illinois connected to the sinking of a riverboat called the "Planter" that sank during the Civil War. I have an old article of this sinking that was printed on the back of a sheet of wallpaper. is this what your looking for?
  16. Production Company Looking For Experts on Skeleton Canyon/SW Treasure Hunting

    I have info on this area that may be of some use. contact me.
  17. Jesse James Was One Of His Names...Black Book Discussion

    I have a mint condition copy of the BB as well as a copy of it on CD. have read them more than once. I look forward to reading the posts on this site. Thanks Kace.
  18. New member from Farmington, Missouri

    Hello. New guy here to this site. Looking around the different topics of interest is giving me some great insights to stories and legends. Also helpin with my research for my book. Thanks.
  19. Oak Island-Some proof

    Hey ya'll. New to this site. Reading all the post about this Oak Island and watching the show is very interesting. I remember watching an episode, where a woman claimed to have found three pieces of papers in a book, and on these was a map of an island the resembled Oak Island. This had some...