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  1. Tiny gold bible
  2. Kingstown shipwreck
  3. Update on the Gribshunden
  4. Viking ships still causing havoc...
  5. Another Griffin

    Can't move underwater these days without tripping over another Griffin wreck The Griffin: Shipwreck found in Lake Michigan may be a notorious 'cursed' ship ? The Girl Sun
  6. Gribshunden 1495

    They are making terrific discoveries on the Gribshunden
  7. question about the shipwreck

    So it was the plot of Frozen? Someone has too much time on their hands.
  8. Spanish cannon recovered

    Not the 1588 Armada, the 1596 one...Missing 16th-century Spanish armada cannon recovered by police (
  9. In France

    Robots and submarines: France's new state-of-the-art ship is a game changer for marine archaeology | The Art Newspaper
  10. Bronze age gold in Shropshire
  11. Cannons from the Mercedes

    Stunning cannonrecovered from the Mercedes
  12. Dutch East Indiaman Rooswijk lost 1740

    Update on the DutchEast Indiaman Rooswijk lost 1740 onGoodwin Sands in January 1740.
  13. Lost Swedish gunboat of 1678

    Bodekull lostnear Stockholm 1678= fascinating piece and illustrations
  14. Grenade found in Cornwall

    17th century grenade from Schiedam shipwreck found at Dollar Cove in Cornwall Man finds 17th century grenade from Schiedam shipwreck at Dollar Cove Gunwalloe Cornwall | Cornwall Live
  15. Iron cannon raised from USS Revenge, lost 1811

    Cannon raisedfrom USS Revenge
  16. Medieval gold ring

    Medieval brooch near found Kirby Muxloe castle to be sold
  17. Finder of Viking treasure in Scotland gets reward
  18. 20 treasures in 20 years

    TREASURE 20: ?Vote for your favourite
  19. Cuba-Netherlands co-operations

    Cuba and the Netherlands to cooperate on Dutch wrecks in Cuban waters
  20. 17th century wreck off poole, Dorset, identified

    Lost Property: Identifying the Seventeenth-century Swash Channel Wreck