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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Copper coin?

    Found this coin in a field next to a mid 1800s fort can't identify anything or figure out what kind it is. Head is facing right. Can't see much on the back. Bit bigger than a quarter but thinner.
  2. Bullet Identification?

    Wondering if anyone can help identify this bullet? I'm thinking it's a .45, but also appears copper, and I know copper jackets didn't come along until the 1880s. (Found amongst an 1870s battle site) Any feedback would be sweet! I feel it's way modern tho :(
  3. 1903 V Nickel ON THE SURFACE!

    Coolest thing ever yesterday. I was out detecting a VERY thouroughly searched over park in Southern MN here, and as I was about to leave, I figured I'd dig one last thing. I swept over an area between the walking path and woods, found a wheatie about 3 inches down. Good news. Talked myself into...
  4. Finally, my first silver!!

    Been detecting for a little over a year now, and started off with a BH Tracker IV, then went to the Ace 350. Over the winter I got an At Pro and just today I finally found a 1924 mercury dime kind of just by the road in a park I have hunted many times before. I was beginning to think this city...