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  1. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Royal Navy Button?

    I dug this today.. Just wanna know if it's a Royal navy Button??
  2. USA Rev war and 1812 buttons

    Are you for real?? I did not know that.. Thanks for info
  3. USA Rev war and 1812 buttons

    Went to hit a old late 1700s homesite and glad I did., End up finding my best find of the year.. USA Rev war Continental pewter button, with prefect shank. War of 1812 US 9th Infantry pewter Button. Non-dug example. Flat Buttons, one is a flower fancy. Everything and the trash
  4. Out digging with friends.

    Went out digging with some friends at colonial home site and found some goodies..
  5. Fun Day weekend digs - Old Silver!

    Had a very fun day Saturday digging around at a colonial site and popping out some really awesome relics using XP Deus with x35 9" coil.. 1783 Spanish half reale Weird button, you guys know what kind it could be?? Dug this big iron key, a good size one. All the buttons and more...
  6. This ever happen to you?

    Has this ever happen to you when you were out digging?? My tiktok video.. if ur on tiktok check it out.. I must warn you, the song has foul language...
  7. Military Buttons/Relics found at 1800s homesite

    Went out in search for a old homesite and I did find the spot. Popped out some good stuff.. War of 1812 button. Eagle A one piece button. Any ideas what this could be?? Everything and the trash.
  8. Been a while I posted, found some relics.

    Some relics I found over the weekend
  9. 1709 of some type of coin?

    Any info? Helping a Friend.. Don't know. Date 1709,.
  10. Date this button?

    I know it's probably just a civilian button. I'm thinking early 1900s?.. Just to see if anyone can date it for me, I hope you can see the back mark of the button.
  11. Digging at old Plantation

    Finding some old relics at a old Plantation. One furniture tech on far left, musketball sprue and rest is buttons, 1700s. Live digs
  12. 1800s Military Buttons and Relics

    Yesterday finds - 4-3-21,. And wanna say a big thanks to my buddy for the coil(X35 9" for XP-Deus),. I end up popping out some military buttons,. One piece block I button and a one piece eagle A button.. and some other relics.. Live digs
  13. Weekend finds

    Finds over the weekend, digging with some buddies. Few bullets. Carved bullet can't fire bullet? Flat buttons. Everything in one photo and the trash.
  14. WW2 relics, 50caliber bullets

    Went out digging at my local beach, Holden Beach NC. Equinox800. And there was a nice cut few feet after some windy days.. Live Digs. 50cal, bullets and casings.. Before and after.. Little tiny ring and 57 cents in clad. Everything and the trash.
  15. Old Silver in piece

    Old silver at Colonial site., part knee silver buckle, flat buttons, Artillery shell fragment and 1913 buffalo nickel. Live digs. Half of silver knee buckle. Artillery shell fragment. Few flat buttons. 1913 Buffalo nickel. Everything in one photo & the trash.
  16. Tiktok, College ring.

    Tiktok video,. Finding college ring and returning it..
  17. College Gold Ring and other cool stuff

    Update. The College ring just been return,. The owners mother was in town and she stop by and I give her son's ring back,. She was so happy and so nice,. She told me her mother(The son's grandmother) got the ring for him when he graduated from NC State, and she told me her mother not doing so...
  18. Civil War & Colonial Relics

    Out digging around Civil War area and colonial home site. Using XP-Deus. Live digs. I been told this is a base part to a hotchkiss fragment? Three ringer bullet. Flat buttons. 1889 IHP. Everything and the trash.
  19. Jesus thingy found at Oak Island

    Well, I went and hit Oak Island NC, Beach hunt.. Found a silver necklace and a Jesus thingy that's probably just a earring. Live digs. Silver necklace, mermaid, 925. Jesus thingy, more like a ear-ring. Flashlight that works,... $1.69 in clad. Everything and the trash.
  20. Lots of buttons & buddy finds his first cuff-links, Silver!!

    ...It is a early site.. A king William copper(1694-1701) came out that site