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  1. token

    not sure

    Is the 3.0 update adding 4kh only for the 800:BangHead:
  3. 600

    new detectors are made skimpy and highly overpriced my E600 tapped a a rock and that caused the coil to snap off no new coil for me, i refuse to buy another coil for it thanks for poor quality from minelab
  4. WHY

  5. pacemakers

    after buying a new nissan rogue and after driving it home, i thought i would thumb through the manual only to f ind that people with pacemakers could have a problem buyer beware

    Need heip for broken ear cant afford a new coil, any suggestions thanks
  7. horses or lions

    any ideas what this or came from sorry forgot to rotate
  8. HELP ME

    Find the best town in NEW HAMPSHIRE to hunt in any ideas would be welcomed
  9. buckle up

    found today
  10. a favorite

    found recently
  11. winter

    The winter is here, i'm down in the dumps, anyone got a spot in the woods thats been hunted out just to give me a place to go to.Maybe your back yard or your friends, I'm desperate, I won't bother you at all and if i find anything good i will be glad to give it to you. please pm with the address...
  12. HEY

    Has anyone have any idea how much it will cost to plug in these electric cars overnight to go a lousy 200 miles .I can picture that meter spinnin outa control. The batteries are a real bargain too:icon_scratch:
  13. buckle

    one mile from plymouth rock
  14. curious

    found this week

    Went to the beach after the storm. Rexham. i was the only detectorist there. the first day there i found 2 siver plated spoons. a 1936 standing liberty and 10 lead sinkers none were anywhere near the water line .pebbles or cuts. the next day only one corroded pennie. I hoped for one ring at...

    I have noticed that a lot of mass people on the forum spend little time on this portion of it, we all have something in common and enjoy the hobby i was wondering where you all live and your favorite detector.You don't have to be exact in your location an area would be fine .I myself am living...
  17. new find

    recent junk
  18. one of my favorites

    found in
  19. new find

    surprise at 3 inches
  20. latest finds

    last 2 days results whites mxt