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  1. In the 802

    These are the 2 biggest pieces of the day and my total so far this season.
  2. In the 802

    Headed north to find the shiny in the morning
  3. Today’s take

    Today’s take on the rock In the 802
  4. First gold of the season

    Yesterday’s take on the rock! in the 802
  5. Kidney cure

    Brown glass kidney cure how old is it and what’s it worth?
  6. Help identify

    Short bottle found in a dump from an early 1700’s farm what is it? Many years ago a bottle dealer said if it was compleat it would have been worth a lot?
  7. Today in the 802

    This is my take from the rock today. in the 802
  8. Button or collar disk

    This was found by a friend near barns AFB is it military or Ma national guard?
  9. In the 802

    This is what I got from the last couple trips
  10. In the 802

    Got out for a bit yesterday and found my biggest piece so far! This was from one 5 gal bucket classified to 1/4 in in the 802
  11. Stayed local today

    7 flakes today and a new spot to work the second video is the new permission
  12. Mini max pump addition

    I’ve been running this with the 12 volt pump and I just got this gas pump from world talker I took it out the other day but couldn’t get it primed it was raining out I was frustrated so I put the flair on instead. Got it running today yay! It’s ready for the next trip...
  13. My view Saturday

    Spent the day local in the area Saturday in the 413 and got some color.
  14. Yesterday’s trip

    Went out for a bit today met up with a friend that’s new to prospecting he made his own bazooka,and after watching it it works as good as the original. He took his cons home so I don’t know what he got? I did 4 clean outs before the boost pack died next time I’ll make sure it’s fully charged. I...
  15. Last bazooka clean up

    This is from the last clean up and my first piece that’s got mercury on it. I believe it’s from the coal burning plants we’ve had
  16. Bazooka mod
  17. Bazooka mod

    Well after using the bazooka a few times I wasn’t sure when to empty it because you couldn’t see into it. So I had to modify it! Now I’ll be able to see the exchange in the fluid bed and not over load it. I used Lexan and Chicago screws so it’s easy to replace.
  18. In the 802
  19. In the 802

    My take for the season I only got out a few times. In the 413/802. .380 Gn.
  20. Mini max

    Got the mini max this afternoon I ran 1 5gal bucket recovered several small pieces and a bunch of fines still have to finish up panning. So far I like it! I’m gonna classify the tailings and run them through the miller table and see what it might have lost?