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    I live in Simi at the top of Tapo Canyon and Walnut. Been out here since 78.
  2. Any leads in Southern California specifically Sespe mountains

    I've been absent from the site for awhile and wanted to revisit this. Anyone been up to Sespe lately?
  3. Santa Susana Ca Stage Robbery

    Hoping to get out there soon. I would actually go tomorrow but I had something last minute come up.
  4. SoCal Legend of the Lost Padres Mine

    I'm getting ready to head out again in the next few weeks to a couple promising spots I found on my last outting. Ill also spend a day or two trying to get lost to see if I find anything. Great thing about the sespe is that there is a lot of it.
  5. SoCal Legend of the Lost Padres Mine

    Not to disrespect Hoge but I'll personally keep looking for the site regardless of what you claim. If I had found it, I wouldn't be in a forum telling others to stop because I had already found it. I don't know you and ill take what you say with a grain of salt until I see some proof.
  6. D.B. cooper, Is this Guy serious ?

    Interesting and inventive way to get your video to go viral not to mention the many hits his link will get. Story is BS.
  7. On the trail of the L.U.E. Treasure

    If someone offered me 50 million dollars to figure out how to go about what you are trying to do, I bet I could come up with a sollution fairly easy. In other words, if what you are saying is truth and there really is treasure then you should do some homework.
  8. Walker river 395

    Nice! Ya, I figured that place would have lots of iron debris from the flood. At some point you may find something that was washed down that is worth something. I would also hit that creek all the time if its year round. I collect books on the Gold rush and have some pretty good stuff on...
  9. Walker river 395

    Nice!! San Francisquito canyon was one of the major stops for the California bound Gold seekers that reached california. It was actually the first Haven for the people coming out of death valley and the ranch there saw alot of traffic between the mid and late 1800's. Find any relics while...
  10. Walker river 395

    Hey Edson I know that area you are talking about. I get up there a couple times a year and it so happens I didn;t have my pans with me this last time. I usually keep them in my car. No, I don;t know Randy. Doesn;t sound familiar. You dig up in the hills above your place? Placerita...
  11. Walker river 395

    Anyone pan the walker river that runs along the 395 between bridgport and Mono? I was just there two days ago driving thru from Tahoe going home and stopped with the family to let the kids play in the water. Was wondering if there was gold in the river..
  12. Rare coin worth THOUSANDS!!!

    Who cares about the stinkin Banner. Great find! I don;t hunt in order to get on the banner on this site so even if i found the rarest coin in the world, being in on the banner would not even be a concern of mine. Stop with all the "banner banter" already and enjoy this guys find.
  13. Newbie here! My first cool find!

  14. Help Needed w/Farmhouse Updated !!!

    Whoa! Very cool!
  15. Prescott Az. Raw gold

  16. Whitewater canyon gold by Cabazon

    You don't like porkchops?
  17. Whitewater canyon gold by Cabazon

    Porkchops for a copy of the map? :P
  18. The Cave Near Muskogee OK

    Waiting...... :icon_thumleft:
  19. Dead Mans Cave

    Re: Dead Man's Cave I've also heard about the cave in the Sangre De Cristos. My parents happen to live a rocks throw away from the Sangre De Cristos in Cuchara.
  20. X with 5 bronze nails

    Time for swim.