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  1. Big Barber … A surface find story

    A Barber half! Sweet!
  2. My Garrett APEX Found A Hoard Of Medallions And A Gold Ring Today! It just doesn't get any better Then This!

    Looks like an angry wife job to me! Throw his [delete] in the river!
  3. wife found this button in our backyard

    That is likely pre-1850...there must be some coins around!
  4. Huge Breakthrough in Long Range Locator Technology!

    Terry, I AM impressed! If you just turned your talents toward medicine, you could be the next Dr. Fauci!!
  5. Quiet hunting.

    What science, specifically? What data? What study?
  6. Quiet hunting.

    Or, "you just aren't interested in the topic."
  7. Quiet hunting.

    Sergei, you might be a swell guy. I offered a translation because you posted in a language other than English. Your comment in the other language, "you just weren't interested in this topic" was basis for my comment, and one that remained hidden to other posters. One can be interested in the...
  8. Old book leads to Wood

    Nice! Old books do hold some secrets.

    Congratulations my friend! That looks like a lot of fun!
  10. 1793?

    Yeah, I can't tell anything from the pics, sorry.
  11. As promised - Here is the revolver after 14 days of cooking

    Very nice! The powder was loose behind the ball (no cartridge) and sealed over with animal fat or grease....once the grease decayed the powder was lost....outstanding "cooking" job!
  12. HUGE Bucket Lister : 1845 Seated Half !!!

    How could it be better than that!
  13. Lots of trash, a Rifle and a shot Jesus Statue...

    Your subject line reads like the opening of a novel...
  14. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Weirdest items ever

    New one on me!
  15. Old Campsite - Flint & Steel

    Great job eyeballing the flint...that's pretty cool to find them together.
  16. Leather US military bag/pouch?

    The stamps are correct, I think, but I don't know if modern repros also include them. Remarkable condition, if antique. How did you acquire it?
  17. Quiet hunting.

    Google translate of Sergie 3: "I have not heard, this does not mean that there are no such devices. Their function is indeed to detect not only gold and silver, but also precious stones (diamonds, sapphires, etc.). You just weren't interested in this topic." American translate of Sergie 3: "You...
  18. A man on a mission

    That's looking on the bright side of life!
  19. Leather US military bag/pouch?

    It looks like a modern repro to me...but if you could get clear pictures of the stamped words that would help a lot. Can't read them.
  20. If you liked Tim Blake Nelson in " O' Brother Where Art Thou " watch the Western "Old Henny"

    Thanks for the tip. He was also good in The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.