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  1. ✅ SOLVED Machete identification

    I think this is it.......
  2. No idea what this is but only gold looks like this coming out of the water.. found in connecticut … doesn’t look like watch but who knows

    here is a recent example of a wick height adjuster knob that looked like this after brushing off flakes of surface debris.
  3. No idea what this is but only gold looks like this coming out of the water.. found in connecticut … doesn’t look like watch but who knows

    I think it is brass......dont know what it is but it looks like a pocket watch but also looks like a side portion of an old fishing reel with a brass nut showing. I have dug brass that still has a dull sheen.
  4. Someone left some silver and an 1800s coin on the ledge of the coinstar machine

    your everyday person wanting to cash in their change just are not all aware of what a silver rosie is, and the merc probably looks like foreign or play money to them.....we though, are not your average people.
  5. I did it again!

    On your own property at that.....can't get any more convenient. All of your buttons are great, i like finding old lathe turned bone buttons, they can be earlier than CW. Your white porcelain buttons are called Prosser buttons and are post 1840.
  6. I woke up this morning and I said I’m gonna go deep

    Without a hafting hole, I would guess it is not a tomohawk. So a new philosophy is go deep or go home......I like it!
  7. Charles meakin china

    Looks like you explained it well....except I would call it ironstone. Should be lots more in the area if there was a trash pit.
  8. Found 18 Wheat Cents

    You got a 14 D for a dollar:occasion14:
  9. Storming St Augustine beach in August

    Oh btw, gotta go see the fort and old historic street buildings , I got some great pizza there once. Oh and the graveyard was super cool.
  10. Storming St Augustine beach in August

    Then you can tell the officer you were detecting just to clean the beer cans off the beach.....all 24 of them. Well that is if you are not planting bottles....which I prefer.
  11. 19th C. NYC Horse Skull Excavated + Blob Bottles!

    really nice bottles you brought home....but as for wife would kill me if I drug the skull back to the house, but I think you did great.
  12. So close

    I would be happy with that one, better than finding just a broken tip. Did you look under those rocks for the rest of it, it may have been broken as it sat under there for so long.......just a thought
  13. Tricked!

    Looks like they were there for a long time without a coil swinging over them, perhaps a school that had not been hit too hard.
  14. Rare Sunset Trailers Tobacco Tin

    perhaps the one that sold for 400 was sold too cheap with only one person knowing the potential value. They may have got a heck of a deal, it does happen. Looks like you got a winner there:thumbsup:
  15. Kansas man finds ax /tree root handle

    I have dug up old bottles that had tree root corks....nothing mythical about them though.
  16. Sharks Off Florida Beaches

    That tune sounds a little familiar.....
  17. Sharks Off Florida Beaches

    Although I am not one to swim with the sharks, I am sure that at one time in my lifetime I have unknowingly swam in the gulf with them. Just never done it after sundown.
  18. ✅ SOLVED Fraternity/Society/Order (?) pin ID

    That's too funny. I was thinking fraternity of Dorn Pi Cappa.
  19. Rare Sunset Trailers Tobacco Tin

    When trying to evaluate worth, never ever look at what people are asking....look for actual sold for prices that were paid. Those numbers you found have a pretty big spread between them.
  20. Two Months, Two Morgans

    Awesome silvers...I like your progressive photos of the dirt slowly making its way off the coin. We all like to go through those steps slowly as we take it all in, especially when we know it's a good one under the clod.