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  1. We Are Tnet

    When are ya moving back to Florida scoop? Don't 'cha miss these beaches here?!
  2. Found this at the beach today!

    Cheeze and rice....can someone bleach out my eye's to remove that....that.....oh heck...whatever that is.......

    Went to that one quite a few times also. I lived right on the Sanilac/St. Clair county line. Fisher Road and Mowerson Rd. was a Bitel from "Bitel Sod Farm" which is now gone. I lived in Michigan from 1984 to 1993. Armada Flea market was nice.
  4. Whats your best road find?

    Let me ask.....What road/areas do you look for? Any areas you think are better than others? Thanks

    I love this flea market !!!1 Been going for years and years......and years! Especially when its a little cooler outside and the snowbirds bring their goodies to sell ! Love-Love-LOVE. I can't seem to find a decent flea market around here, or for miles around here, say from Panama City to...
  6. Found something to use against those pesky sharks

    One BIG question for you Casper......And why wasn't I invited to that meal???? Some nerve :dontknow:.... Hmmmmmm
  7. Someone actually seeded my beach with fake treasure. Really cruel.

    I laugh when this happens to me....I give them a show and jump up & down and really act like it is true treasure !!! LOL I sure act like the part of a "Mad Detectorist"........If that's what gives them jollies, then I really give them jollies !
  8. Security guard on Saint Pete Beach

    I was saying that the detectorist was filming the incident.....but who was filming the detectorist before that incident? Was he leaving holes? Was he too close to people? Was he leaving trash behind? Was he being a pain in the arse......or did someone just call because? If he was doing no wrong...
  9. Itch weed ?

    Sounds like "stinging nettle" ??? Maybe
  10. Security guard on Saint Pete Beach

    It just floors me that people use video to incite an uproar. News media is a good example of this. But who is filming the detectorist to show what he is doing? Three sides to every story. His story, his story and then the truth. Seems that he was pushing for a reaction. Be prepared and have the...
  11. LOST RING - Pompano Beach

    We, the people, metal detect, to find treasures............need I say more? Oh yeah....loose lips, sink ships :laughing7:
  12. inflatable life jackets

    And why haven't you taught those dogs to blow that whistle yet? Lol
  13. I have moved

    I have lived in Zephyrhills Ron. You just wait until all them Yankees head there for the winter ( no offense anyone- I am a Yankee meself). It will make your head doubt. Good luck. I've hunted there and Dade City, San Antonio, and Ridge Manor and Silver Lake. A lot of history over by...
  14. Northern Michigan Roadtrip

    Beautiful pictures scoop!
  15. Whats up with you Florida mders?

    Or over the septic tank.......
  16. Was just contacted by

    Don't you worry about the "Antiquities Act" and your finds getting confiscated?
  17. Metal Detection in Pakistan?

    Like I say..... "BAM"....and boy do I mean a BIG BAM at that !!
  18. 41 Minutes

    I am really glad that you are ok scoop. How scary that was huh???!!! just never know. But see, it was not your have soooooooo many stories to write and advice to write and give us for good entertainment. Lots and lots I can imagine. We love 'em :notworthy: Hugs to you my friend
  19. Metal Detection in Pakistan?

    All I can think is "BAM"....and boy do I mean a BIG BAM at that !!