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  1. Woo Hoo two more!

    Back to a small area that has just a few rocks showing through the sand. Kinda far out but waited for the lowest tides. Not many targets but the ones that showed up in my scoop made the trip all worth the time. Most of the targets are over a foot or more deep. Old Golds have been showing up so I...
  2. OLDE GOLD Unmarked!

    thank you
  3. OLDE GOLD Unmarked!

    Thank You
  4. OLDE GOLD Unmarked!

    More oldies from the waters of old beaches. Waters are still in the low 40's but worth the travel and time. Dressing warm long sleeved water insulated gloves and the propper tools make it all come together. This years marks a time in my life that I have been Metal Detecting for 50+ years. Still...
  5. Just Like Olde Times

    Thank You I'm hoping
  6. Just Like Olde Times

    Hindu Religious Figure .... Good Luck to those who have it... :)
  7. Just Like Olde Times

    Well to say the very least it's been way to long since I have visited here. Been in touch with a few of you recently. Where did the time go? Been doing good here, Most sanded in beaches are seeing some sand movement. I thought I would share two weeks ago I managed a nice spot with very old coins...
  8. Whydah

    Hello Jim, hope all is going good. Was thinking about you and hadn't heard from you in recent...

    Hello Jim, hope all is going good. Was thinking about you and hadn't heard from you in recent time. Have a great day chat soon?
  9. Still not able to get out...but

    You and Momma are doing well who says you need a detector.. Stay Safe buddy see you soon...
  10. Went against doctors orders

    Better Now OMG that picture is priceless buddy, I remember that day... We did well... shared a lot of great water hunts with you... My equipment has changed , strategy is better now a days....:hello2:
  11. Went against doctors orders

    Chin deep water for you buddy is over my head... Good work as usual... Hope all is well and do as the Dr says... Stay in touch...

    can't believe this was 5 yrs ago already...what a day...
  13. Late 60s-early 70s

    LOL yes and I used a 12 inch coil that was as heavy as my whole machine today..great picture and no sand scoop to dig with, guess he used his feet?

    here it is for comparison.

    Its in the low 40's here... Gold makes the WATER HOT...I forget all about it...until I run to the truck with Icicles...hanging off the coil and scoop

    You got it buddy. always trying to put us in the rite spots at the rite times.....take mental notes of the rocks, highs ,lows, sands, are they soft? get out of there...wasting your time...get to a productive area....Throw out the Anchor and start swinging...

    Found this little trinket yesterday on the beach...Any Ideas?...seems to be Brass / Bronze Well it turns out to be some kind of Nautical Instrument that I am told is very old... It was used to help untie knots in rope works... used at the end of your thumb area like a pick almost..put between...
  18. Muddy Hat Trick!

    And that is what it's all about buddy another outstanding day had by Fenway...slow and low buddy...stick to the we talked about....
  19. More Muddy Gold!

    Great hunt today buddy, again the Gold is beneath our feet....three hunts in a row now we have done what we were there to do.... Even when the conditions are not so good, frozen ground...bring a chisel...frozen mud bring a heated scoop...all good and great finds man.... And there is more OLD...

    yes you were in deed in the rite spots...Lead leads to GOLD... Heavy Heavy... it needs more attention from us in a different mode next round...oh and don't forget lead is almost as good as gold... now down to .40 cents a lb but still worth taking out and saving as we always soon...