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  1. It has to be a Hobby

    Just s fantastic Reed. What a Great living you’ve enjoyed over the years and still doing it however you can. Thanks for sharing your prospecting and mining adventures. Mike
  2. Helicopter

    Yes, carrying crews and surveying equipment many times. Very efficient method, but dangerous experiences at times. Mike
  3. Beach

    It’s a long trip for you billb, but come on out west. I’ll show you around. One of the most beautiful areas in the world.
  4. Beach

    Hey Oregon Viking, there is no driving on the beach anymore except, I believe, for some forms of surf fishing. It may require a commercial fishing license. I’ll find out what’s what.
  5. Beach

    Yes, crash, it is very nice, especially at the end where it meets the mountains to the south.
  6. Beach

    No pepperj, I’ve never detected this beach, I’ll give it a try this year. Literally thousands of people on this beach for 4th of July celebration. Fantastic fireworks display if fog stays away.
  7. Beach

    One of the local beaches Looking both way. About a 3 mile beach on a pretty day at low tide. At most 10 people and a few dogs on entire length
  8. Growing Garlic

    Keep at it Bill, you can always expand the garden. Some vegetables also plant well and are pretty right in among the flowers. As dougachim says, get into canning. In my opinion the best way to preserve food stuffs. We can many vegetables and fruits along with meats (wild and domestic) and many...
  9. Growing Garlic

    Nice job on the garden and garlic Bill. I grow a large amount of garlic, along with a full range garden every year. We have enough garlic for the entire following years use and enough to plant the following year from the same crop. Try elephant garlic sometime. Truely huge.
  10. Has anyone bought super high definition satellite maps?

    Yah, what Clay said. There is some amazing imagery available. You can also purchase stereo pairs of aerial photos to view the imagery in 3-D. Takes some practice.
  11. Calabash Test Debunked!

    Bye bye.
  12. Oregon trip

    Yah, like arizau said, stop in and talk to Sam at Armadillo Mining in Grants Pass. She’s a real character with a great personality. She will know the lowdown of the local prospecting scene. Lot of nice equipment as well in case you forget or need something. Mike
  13. Prospector

    You darn right Herb, be my pleasure.
  14. An aggravation

    Hey tamrock, I put up that Welcome to California sign you photographed. It’s just after you enter California from Oregon on Hwy 199. I worked that highway for the the state highways maintenance crew in that area for many years. A beautiful drive along that route. The campgrounds along there, in...
  15. Prospector

    Just plain fascinating Herb. I’ve got to come see your operation some time if you’ll have me, while I can and you’re still pulling the plow. Your work ethic and use of basic tools to get the job done in this day and age is what interests me the most. Amazing. You will sure be welcome in my...
  16. The Mahoney Mine

    Welcome aboard. Nice operation videos. Mike
  17. Did the FBI take the Gold? Anyone know these guys?

    Check here for current status.
  18. Did the FBI take the Gold? Anyone know these guys?

    Welcome to T-Net. Yes it’s been discussed here extensively. Type into the search bar at top of site: Dents Run and or Finders Keepers.
  19. Bedrock and Gold: The mysteries . . .

    Very nice field note Lanny. Those are the times I like the most, often by myself in the mountains. Have a fine Easter, Mike