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  1. I should of held on!!!!

    when i was young.. i was crazy about getting coins back from change. i kept it in a pillow case and it was filled!!! i guess it weighed about 50-60 pounds of change or even more. Anyways before i found out about CRH, i dumped the whole thing at TD Bank and the total came out to be like 450...
  2. Arent you odd?

    Aren't you odd? found this dime while roll hunting ... the coin is odd around the edges and is like almost the size of a penny... is it an error? its a 2004 D. Thought it was a dryer but the edges were perfect pics bellow For some weird reason... the other pics won't attach but the reverse...
  3. silver for a change!

    Decided to try out 2 boxes of dimes and 1 box o/ pennies instead of my normal 2 boxes o/ pennies. Spent 500$ on the dimes and 25$ on the pennies.. the finds are as follows: ------------------------------- DIMES: 1 US Silver 1962 (90%) 1 US Silver 1959 (90%) 1 US Silver 1956 (90%) 1 US Silver...
  4. Is this a 1944 clipped planchet wheat penny error?

    you read the title... if so, how much is it worth???
  5. Should i move on?

    Should i move on from pennies and if i do i dont know what to get.. should i get halves, nickels, dimes, or stay with pennies i currently have 82 pounds of cents, 360 wheats, 2 IH, abunch of foreign coins and 196 canadians. I basicly have almost every year of the wheat penny except...
  6. Tnet Ranks

    So im a Junior member - what does that mean? - I'm new How can i get higher ranks in tent ... and what are the other higher ranks? does it matter?
  7. Canada

    I'm going to leave to Canada in an hour and I'll be there 10 hours later... If I get a box of pennies in Canada, do I use American money, what bank to I go to, and what do I search for?
  8. How ddo i use tnet??

    I post on people's threads and I know how to start a thread But I want to know how to change my avatar picture and change my info
  9. My dump bank rejected me :(

    Just came back from citibank and got bad news after dumping 70$ in pennies. they said that this was the last time i can dump at them because the first few times were from curtisey and i costed the bank money. They said that i can get my coins counted in a bag with a fee. Another option was a...
  10. Penny skunk streak finally over!

    When to my pickup bank that has been starting to get new penny boxes. i thought i would give them one last shot and got two boxes of pennies... I asked the friendliest teller there for 2 boxes that have been sitting there for a while. She came back after taking all the penny boxes out to...
  11. Awesome penny finds!

    Im fairly new to CRH and think all the keepers i got today were really good... So i went to my friendly bank today and asked for 50$ in pennies. A few moments later the nice teller gave me the two boxes and said they have been sitting there for awhile (i got so excited and rushed home) in both...
  12. Is this an error or post-mint-damage

    The year is 1978*
  13. Is a slight bend on a bad condition 1944 penny an error?

    is it an error or just a damaged penny?
  14. Error 1944 penny?