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  1. ✅ SOLVED A friend’s daughter found these, what are they?

    They were found in East Nashville, eyeball finds. Have tried searching the words I’m seeing on the bottom shiny medal but coming up short. Thanks in advance.
  2. ✅ SOLVED I have an odd looking button

    I did not find this but I have no idea what is depicted here. It looks like a nice button but I’m clueless as to what it even is.
  3. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Another button I need help with please!

    A friend dug this button and she and I are are both clueless to what this design is. Hopefully someone knows.
  4. ✅ SOLVED Happy Thanksgiving friends! Have a button question

    Hope you all had a wonderful day and are relaxing with family and with a full belly. I cannot even think about dinner,lol! We have a button we are curious about. I’m thinking it’s not very old and yes that is dust on my table. 😆 The backmark looks like a P and a Z.
  5. I’m full of questions today

    Why do I have the red OP on my avatar? What does that mean?
  6. Am I showing up here?

    Hey ya‘ll, I just posted today in What is it? and I’m not sure that my posts are visible. I did login easily with my email address but I’m not sure I’m totally back in the system yet. I see eleven people or so viewed my thread but no one answered.
  7. ✅ SOLVED Hey! I need help on an iD for a friend

    I’m loving the way the site looks now,it’s so user friendly! So this item fits in the palm of your hand and is very soft metal.
  8. ✅ SOLVED Hi friends!

    I need help with a button identification, yet another find I didn’t make but it’s still cool to just know. Ya know? :icon_scratch: It’s fairly thin, looks to be two piece and looks like either brass or copper. Two headed eagle with what looks to be the date of 1780. There are so many variations...
  9. ✅ SOLVED Memory fading so thought I would post this again

    I have tried to find the original post where I dug this little pin. It feels like possibly steel but also looks a little brassy too. It’s about quarter sized and not made out of cheap grade material, it feels more substantial. I thought someone said possibly an Imperial period hat pin but from...
  10. ✅ SOLVED I have a button I need an ID on please

    I did not dig this but I wanted to know if anyone can definitively help me on this one. Happy Saturday!
  11. Posting for a friend with a ?

    Could this be artillery shell related? This friend found this by the Thames River. Part of me says yes it looks like part of a fuse but the other part says no. It is definitely copper. Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas despite it all.
  12. I know it’s a point buttttt....

    Have no idea whether this was used for killing small animals or what. I found it on top of the ground in Middle Tennessee this morning. Quite a nice surprise. I would say if it was completely finished the arrowhead would be about 2 to 3 inches long, a rough guess. I have seen some points that...
  13. Been wondering about this button

    I can’t find that I have asked before on this one but if I have, sawwwwwy. Hope everyone is well during the pandemic. So I can’t figure out if the eagle on this button is civilian or military. The second button I have no clue either.
  14. Hi peeps

    I’m trying to help out someone who found this on the Thames River foreshore. All the terminology for these old buttons is much the same but I’ve not seen the lettering as shown here. Thanks!
  15. Weird thick aqua glass,looks like the base

    I saw this on top of the ground on a site that has some 1800’s items and don’t know what it is. The diameter of the whole object is slightly bigger than a quarter. The glass is very thick like old bottles usually are. Is it a pontil?
  16. ✅ SOLVED I got a whatzit finally !

    Went out for a little while and dug this( and only this,haha) under a tree root. There is pottery, old glass bottle bits strewn about and old square nails as well but unfortunately I haven’t used my detector, just pinpointed stuff under old scrap trees that are on the property. I had previously...
  17. Yay me! Can someone help me identify this?

    Thank you for the help last night Treasure_Hunter, I can post pics now. Can someone tell me what the object on the left is called? I know they attached to wood but are not traditional cultivators. There is a hole on the end of it that is not sharp nor shown in the picture. I’m trying to come...
  18. Hello friends

    How do I post pictures on from the app? It tells me my permission is denied. Also on my iPad the spelling of my name is different than the spelling on my iPhone (probably my mistake) Thank you. Hopefully it’s something simple.
  19. Hi friends, need help identifying this

    Of course it’s something else I didn’t dig, lol! It’s flat on the back and appears broken. It’s fairly heavy like brass. It says M W & Co on it and is about the size of a quarter.
  20. Hello folks, I have missed ya’ll!

    Due to numerous cataract surgeries I have not been out detecting so hoping someone can help me here. We got a box of relics from a guy that lives in Massachusetts. Some of the stuff he sends I personally would not give away as far as the buttons go. It’s fun for me just to do the research on...