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  1. American Indian Artifact...or..?

    I think thewatchers got it with mammoth tooth. I found one similar about 2 years ago in Oklahoma, but cannot take a picture of it currently. Here is one from the web. Soapy water and a toothbrush would probably get you some more detail out of it.
  2. New guy with a question about radio interference

    It has been my experience that any metal detector will pick up interference from all sorts of things that a lot of people wouldn't expect: power lines; cell phones; am/fm radios; door/lights motion detectors; other metal detectors; planes flying overhead; people with change in their pockets...
  3. What is this old coin, I need help?

    Given the crudeness and thinness of the lines, I think its an Indian head penny turned "hobo nickel". It looks like a very faint Indian on the side of the horse with the Indian's eye above and slightly forward of the bridle ring. Possibly the remnants of a date 90 degrees to the left of the...
  4. What is this?

    I think it says "NEWTON" inside the cross and the "BEEB" is short for BEEBRICK. A short google search didn't bring up any with the stamp and the moniker though....
  5. what is the biggest thing you have found

    I found a car door under about 3 1/2 - 4 feet of mine tailings, a wagon wheel rim, and a 2 foot monkey wrench, each separated by a few years.
  6. Button

    I get the feeling I'm way off; like not even standing in the parking lot of the ball park; so feel free to disregard; but I see "SLAU JULY" on the reverse. St. Lawrence University ( est.1856) in Canton, New York goes by "SLAU". Did they make some buttons? And since this button looks stamped from...
  7. Compartment ring and a button?

    Its hard to tell from the pics about the depth of the compartment on the ring, but if its deep I'd say that it may be a poison ring If it is shallow probably a locket ring, the other pic isn't loading, so you'll have to google it. Its an interesting ring either way.
  8. Unknown Object

    looks and sounds like Galena, ore of lead and sometimes contains silver.
  9. Wagon parts?

    Next to the penny looks like a cufflink, but I'd bet on a rivet for joining some thick leather together.
  10. Copper Bracelet?

    It looks very similar to a small ring I found in Italy a few years back.... Mine is copper and looks like it might have been gold plated at one time, it also has the knobs all the way around it. Not to mention a clear Christian theme too. I think yours is a bit big for a finger ring...
  11. ✅ SOLVED Some kind of skinner knife?tool?

    I think your "out of handle", is the inside of the handle......
  12. scabbard Tip ? Unknown piece

    The second item looks kinda like the interior piece to an electric motor without the copper windings. So, maybe something like a magnetic impeller - minus the impeller.... See if it has a magnetic charge on it by putting a small piece of iron (not a magnet) near it. The one in the pic is pretty...
  13. Is this a carriage step?

    It doesn't seem beefy enough to me for it to have been made to step on or hold weight. A drawer pull seems plausible, but I'm thinking its a stylized bottle opener from a vending machine.
  14. Need help identifying iron

    I looked for a while and couldn't find a good example, but I think its the coin slot and bottle opener for a vending machine. The coin slot goes on top...
  15. Strange Piece o Brass

    At first I was thinking it was a key hole cover, but why the 2 extra posts right? So I'm thinking it still turned, but it was locked into something else, and there was a small handle on the post that is broken off. Maybe something like a piece on a fly fishing reel that would be between the...
  16. Any thoughts on this pipe?

    I don't mean to poke, but after a few months in Turkey, I believe I have seen every setup imaginable for a hookah... this pic is obviously ceramic, but it displays my thoughts. I think it is from a multi-bowl system, where they are elbowed together into a single water vase.
  17. Any thoughts on this pipe?

    Kinda looks like a hookah bowl with an odd shaped pipe. But the gas fixture seems more plausible.
  18. Magnificent pipe!! *MUST SEE*

    I know pretty much nothing about pipes... but doesn't your pipe kinda look like Vlad Tepes?
  19. scale parts?

    It looks like a flint striker. Maybe for firing your blow torch or burning down that old house that your not supposed to play
  20. ✅ SOLVED Not sure what it is. Any Ideas would be appreciated!

    Cheese? What's in it? found this here... inovia | U.S. trademark search and registration