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  1. Helicopter

    Yes it's me.
  2. Classic Geology and Geophysics books for free

    Thank you! I also have a couple more that I bought :Simple Seismics by N.A.Anstey and Pitfalls in Seismic Interpretation, both dealing with Reflection rather than refraction which I wanted.
  3. Helicopter

    Nothing says Helicopter like a Bell UH-1 Iroquois!
  4. Classic Geology and Geophysics books for free

    We're hoping to move to Arizona in the future and so I'm cleaning house. I have these books that would be a crime to throw away as they are a diminishing resource. Here is the list: Handbook of Mineral Dressing by Taggart The Geochemistry of Gold and it's Deposits by R.W.Boyle Mining...
  5. Need Seismic Refraction processing Software

    I bought a Bison 5012 Seismograph and am having trouble finding opensource software that accepts SEG-1 format or allows entering the shot data manually. If anyone has some legacy software that I could buy from you I would appreciate it. I don't care if it's DOS as I have a Windows 98 laptop...