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  1. What happened to the app

    Is the app in Google play store not working any more? I hadn't been on much lately but for some reason I can't use the app.
  2. Steamboat treasure

    I saw this in a local detector forum i belong to but it's so interesting
  3. Estate auction ring

    I went to a auction but got there late. I was looking around and saw this ring. I know it's silver and I think the blue stones are lapis. There weren't that many of us and the ones there were mostly men. When the ring came up no one else bid on it so I got it for 10.00. I think it's art deco...
  4. Gorgeous cool weather

    And I am just home from the hospital. with 40 staples in my stomach. I had a hernia and my appendix removed. I'm so irate with the universe right now
  5. Silver vanity mirror and brush

    I have posted a silver set before and probably wouldn't have bought this one even since it was 5 bucks until I looked at it and it had my exact initials in it. It was destiny. 😂 the mirror isn't matching 😔 but the brush even has hallmarks on it.
  6. Goodwill find

    I'm not sure of this is real gold or not but it had a makers mark and was only a dollar. Any idea on the maker. No other marks on it
  7. Gw missed this one

    I bought a jewelry box at GW for 2 bucks and it had a little gift inside
  8. My first auction finds

    Went to my first auction tonight and I am hooked! Here's what I found. The hair set isn't marked but ids very heavy. Got it for 15 bucks. The necklace is just so pretty. And got it for 4 bucks. I'm a sucker for vintage jewelry
  9. Is this one of our members?
  10. who has any stories about getting busted in the dumpster

    I just wonder if people are mean or if they're like "have at" what about the police? We used to dumpster dove when I was a kid but i haven't tried in decades. I just know how nosey people are nowadays.
  11. Florida MDers I need help finding

    My friends 14 yr old daughter Ivy. She ran away over a month ago and was seen in St Augustine(her favorite place) begging for change. Please if you can print this picture or at least keep it in your phone so if you see them please call the police. She is just a baby and her mother is about to...
  12. found these on groupon

    Groupon has folding headsets on sale for 50. I.wish they were wireless but they might be good anyhow
  13. thanks for making the site easier

    Thanks so much for adding the browser view on the mobile app. I was having such a hard time seeing everyone's treasures. I love this site.
  14. Atlanta area MDers please read

    A cadet from the citadel lost his class ring helping out during the snow/ice storm. He was helping pushing cars out and lost his most valued possession. Please help this guy.
  15. picture issues

    Am I the only one that has issues seeing pictures in the mobile app? I see everyone's avatars but posted pics of the goodies most of the time don't show up.
  16. Happy New Year

    Just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone here. Id like to thank you all for the help you've given me this year. Please everyone have a Happy and Healthy and lucky New Year!
  17. Found this on yahoo today

    I don't normally post in this forum but thought yall would find it interesting NJ coast shipwreck is steamer that sank in 1860
  18. forgot about betty

    Also found a brand new betty boop nurse watch. I got it for 3.00 along with a cheapie Christmas watch but from what I've seen they're running at least 23.00 on eBay...let's see what happens.
  19. todays yard finds

    Good luck and bad today. Found a few silver rings and necklaces and pendant. The bad: a bracelet that i could only read Mexico after closer look it said ALP MEXICO.. dang alpaca and also bought a ring I'm sure was silver wire but somehow lost it :( I gotta get a scale to see what all of this...
  20. Buttons. How do you tell

    How do you tell how old it is?