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  1. What happened to the app

    Is the app in Google play store not working any more? I hadn't been on much lately but for some reason I can't use the app.
  2. Most shocking find ever

    That's crazy. Please keep us up-to-date on any news you get
  3. My Oldest Roman Coin Ever! Quinctius 112/1 BC + a Marc Anthony!

    Crusader you've always been my hero on here...I cannot wrap my head around how old these are! Its crazy
  4. Gem Stone

    Not moonstone...looks more like aqua aura
  5. What about HANK? Advice?

    As someone who lost their dog two months ago if someone brought this to me i would take it as a sign that my fur baby was okay... so while not everyone might feel that way i say return it.
  6. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION I found the Queen’s ring and returned it

    Definite honorable mention. So nice of you to go out in the rain for that girl.
  7. 🏆 HONORABLE MENTION Easy come, easy go

    What did the owner say when you contacted him? How long had it been there?
  8. Steamboat treasure

    I saw this in a local detector forum i belong to but it's so interesting
  9. Help identifying

    Do they have a name on them? I wonder why they were being sold
  10. Unbelievable found mason jar full of......

    What does the note say?
  11. Interesting find at the beach

    That's cool but that sunrise is beautiful
  12. Second sterling ring today

    That's better
  13. Second sterling ring today
  14. Second sterling ring today

    Idk why this didn't post like I wanted it to.
  15. Second sterling ring today