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  1. Antique writing desk - please identify if possible

    I purchased this antique writing desk through a local estate auction yesterday. The bidding was frenzied in the last hour but I managed to snipe it away. I will pick up the desk and chair tomorrow and I paid $420 for both pieces. What period is this desk? Victorian?, Edwardian? Georgian? Did I...
  2. Rest in Peace my angel

    My wife, my friend, my detecting partner, my rock, Sharee passed away on August 20th after a horrific bout of metastatic brain cancer. I will not heal from this anytime soon. So many mistakes were made with her 'treatment'. Her very first chemotherapy treatment on June 3rd was canceled because...
  3. Lottery winner update, here's what we did

    Many of you know about the amazing luck I had last August when I scratched a million dollar winning ticket. It is now eight months later and since all of you were so supportive I figured I should share what we did to improve our lives. We bought a small but beautiful home on 3.5 acres. We...
  4. RADAR love and a great one at that

    I got this bill in change from the gas station yesterday. Hard to imagine this being in the wild since 2013. Maybe stolen from a collection?
  5. Vintage Daisy Golden Eagle

    Picked this up at a local antique store in the town we just moved to. It's a vintage Daisy Golden Eagle BB rifle with scope in mint condition with nary a scratch. Good compression and shoots nicely. Looks great hanging over the kitchen door! I paid $55 for it but did some research on 'solds' on...
  6. Antique clock experts... or enthusiasts

    I know there is a forum dedicated to antique clocks but there's as much action over there as a covid-era Hobby Lobby. I bought this clock on Sunday, 11/29/20 at a rural antique store. It is a 3-hole New Haven mahogany wall clock and measures 38" tall. It was manufactured between 1880-1890...
  7. Is this 20 worth more than 20?

    Recieved this twenty dollar bill in change the other day. Does it fit into any of the fancy categories?
  8. All I gotta do do is, act naturally

    I got this in the mail this morning. Somehow they got my daughter's phone number and left a message with her. And no we're not going to do it.
  9. RADAR fancy

    My wife scored this RADAR fancy bill in change recently. We might throw it on eBay to see how it does
  10. I won a million dollars this morning

    Still in shock! On 8/27/2020 I was heading to work and stopped at my favorite gas station to pick up a package of powdered sugar donettes and an OJ. I usually purchase three $30 scratchers to go along with the breakfast but only on payday. Kind of a treat and I have hit for $500 twice and...
  11. Overland Trail produces silver and more

    Recovered these fine coins today along an area of the Overland Trail near St. Louis. Also an old bullet. Possibly a .25 rimfire but I'm not sure. Dug an 1867 shield nickel here a couple weeks ago.
  12. Garrett Guide to Treasure booklets

    A good friend and detecting partner gave me these booklets a while back. Printed in 1988 and '89. I can't seem to find any others for sale on eBay or Amazon. Are they hard to find and collectible? I believe there was five booklets in this set.
  13. Nice profit on a two dollar pick

    Picked up this 1998 Red Wolf Generation 7 Furby for a two dollar bill at my local thrift store. Sold for $61+$8 shipping. Not bad considering it is an out of box item.
  14. No escape, even while detecting

    Recovered from a St. Louis county park. I ask that you refrain from mashing that banner button :laughing7:
  15. Shield nickel on the Overland Trail

    Dug my 2nd Shield nickel today in an area where the Overland Trail passed through. After some careful cleaning I determined it is an 1867 model.
  16. Some news every detectorist dreams about

    This gem was posted on a local detecting Facebook page... - I am the president of a nonprofit organization and have rights to several lots in Missouri. Would anyone be interested to buying tickets to metal detect there for a good cause? It’s all volunteer on historic property and the proceeds...
  17. Spirit of Detecting

    Begin the day, With an AT Pro, A companion unobtrusive, Dig that silver that's so elusive, And that junker ring that ruins your morning mood...
  18. Buff n Stuff

    8 hour hunt with a friend at several public schools produced very little. Our last stop was more successful. Scored my first ever buffalo nickels, a '35 and a '37 about a foot apart. Also a Japanese Pachislo token, a wheatie, gold lighter with fake diamond, a 1994 cut cent, (cross) a suspender...
  19. Score!

    My Local Walmart now closes at 8:30pm SHARP. We were walking out at 8:25 with a cart full of groceries and walked by the Coinstar. Saw a pile of coins in the reject slot and grabbed them. Kept them in my closed hand until we got outside then saw I had scored a 1964D dime, my second CoinStar silver.
  20. Got me a copperhead

    While mowing my elderly neighbors yard I inadvertently weed-whacked this guy almost in half. Before I finished it off to put it out of its misery I looked it up and discovered it was a young copperhead. Felt better about ending him after that as my neighbor is deathly afraid of snakes and she...