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  1. Looking to buy Whites TDI

    I’m looking to buy a whites TDI I prefer a Beachhunter TDI or the TDI pro, but will consider the SL. If anyone is looking to sell theirs please contact me through PM or email at
  2. Need Help Identifying old copper coin

    My friend was out detecting with me last night and found this old copper coin, he doesn’t have Facebook so I’m posting for him. Does anyone have an idea what this coin can be? My first guess would be British large cent, it’s the right size but on the back I can see some type of leaves, almost...
  3. Tied my personal best jewelry day

    Just tied my personal best day detecting for jewelry, not at a beach but in a park. I went out for maybe two hours after work today once it started getting a little cooler out and came back with 3 gold rings(10k, 10k, 14k) and a lot of other cool stuff. One of the coolest things I thought was...
  4. Finally found my first platinum

    It's been a real long time since I can say I found the first of something, but today I did it. I found my piece of platinum. I found it in the water down in south florida after about 4 hours of hunting. It's a platinum tiffany & co men's wedding band. I worked hard for this one, I included a...
  5. Detecting down in west palm beach

    I went out with a few friends detecting today in west palm. We did some water and some land hunting. I got some interesting finds today along with the usual clad. I got a 1944 silver Washington, 1962D silver roosevelt, 1920 British coin of some sort, 2 wheats, 2 older pins and a old Cadillac key.
  6. 3 hour water hunt with mystery coin

    Todays finds from about 3 hours of water detecting. I found the usual clad, a 925 toe ring, a nice big cross it looks to be silver it rings up the right way and I can flake away a layer of black silver oxide but cant seem to find a hallmark on it, then found a mystery pendant. It looks like it's...
  7. Minelab excalibur 2 vs whites beachhunter TDI

    I was wondering what your guys opinions were on those two detectors. I'm looking into getting an underwater detector and am going back-and-forth between the 2 I just wanted some other opinions. This would be for beach hunting in florida, in the wet sand and water. Any input is appreciated
  8. Metal Detecting Miami

    My current job has me traveling all over the state of florida, this week the job site happens to be in Miami. I found a little park about a mile or two away from the hotel I stay in so decided to try a little detecting. To my surprise the park was full of silvers. This is my finds for the week...
  9. silver dimes and war nickels for sale

    I am selling off part of my collection, here for sale I have 931 silver dimes and 204 silver war nickels . The dimes are a mixture of Roosevelt's and Mercs. I am asking $2.25 each for the dimes and $1.75 each for the nickels plus shipping, that's pretty much melt value for these coins. If your...
  10. ❎ SOLD 90% silver Quarters for sale

    90% silver Quarters for sale (SOLD) I am selling off part of my collection, here for sale i have 493 90% silver quarters. Its a mixture of Washington and standing liberty quarters. I am asking $5.60 each plus shipping, that's pretty much melt value for these coins. If your interested or have...
  11. 90% silver halves for sale

    I am selling off part of my collection, here for sale i have 182 90% silver half dollars. Its mostly Walking liberty and Franklin halves with a few '64 Kennedy's mixed in. I am asking $11.25 each plus shipping, that's pretty much melt value for these coins. If your interested or have any...
  12. Government auctions for scrap

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone on here tried buying scrap of these government auction sites? ive been looking around and they seem to have a lot of scrap metal and computer parts on there. however i am just a little skeptical of those kind of website as my of them look like they could be scams.
  13. US Proof Sets, Uncirculated Sets, and Silver Eagle Proofs

    I am selling the following coins: 1984 uncirculated set (x5) - $3 each 1984 proof set (x5) - $3 each 1985 uncirculated set (x5) - $3 each 1985 proof set (x5) - $3 each 1986 uncirculated set (x5) - $7 each 1986 proof set (x5) - $3 each 1987 uncirculated set (x10) - $4 each 1987 proof set...
  14. ❎ SOLD Silver commemorative proofs for sale

    I am selling the following coins: 1991-P Korean War Memorial Proof (x2) $28 each 1990-W Eisenhower Centennial Commemorative Uncirculated Coin $27 1990-P Eisenhower Centennial Commemorative Proof Coin $25 1991-S Mount Rushmore Anniversary Proof Set includes the Dollar and Half Dollar $65 All...
  15. Two Key Dates and Old Silver

    I am selling the following: 1938-D walking liberty half in VG-8, the book value is $130, I’m asking $120 for the coin. 1895-O Morgan dollar in VF-20 the book values if $600, I’m asking $550 1827 Capped Bust Dime which is in between VG and F the book value is $50 for VG and $65 for F. I’m asking...
  16. War Nickels for Sale

    I'm selling off my war nickels, i have 139 of them, for $2 each. which only 2 cents below the melt value. if your interested or have any questions feel free to PM or email me at thanks
  17. $20 gold coin for sale (SOLD)

    I am selling my 1907 Liberty Double Eagle. The condition is actually pretty good as you can see in the pictures. The price is $1,700 which is not to much more then melt. If your interested or would like some better pics feel free to send me a PM or email me at thanks
  18. Selling off part of my collection - Barbers, V nickels, Misc.

    For sale I have: 2 barber halves 1895 and 1911, $28 for both 2 barber quarter?s 1897S and 1916D, the 1897 is in really bad shape I'm asking $35 for the both of them. 9 barber dimes I?m asking $3 each SOLD 8 standing liberty quarters: $7.50 each 8 V nickels: $1.50 each 1918S merc in VG-8 for...
  19. Selling off part of my collection - Dimes(sold)

    Im selling off part of my silver dime collection, its mostly mercs and some Roosevelt's. i am selling 1,320 and asking $2.50 each. if your interested or need some more pics feel free to send me a PM or email me at, and we'll work from there. i accept paypal. thanks
  20. Two German silver medals of some kind

    I found these two medals in my friends coin collection and couldnt find anything on them, does anyone know anything about these or the value of them? any help would be appreciated, thanks