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  1. Treasure Signs and Symbols 101

    Here's a link with a pic of the entire panel. (Linked removed by mod)
  2. Treasure Signs and Symbols 101

    Marmentman, Are these in South West Colorado?
  3. The Last of the Bandit Riders - Butch Cassidy and Matt Warner

    The Ancient Historical Research Foundation is sponsoring an event in February Featuring Dr. Steve Lacy who will be speaking on the last days of Butch Cassidy and Matt Warner, and will be presenting some new evidence on their last days and where they really ended up ... It should be a very...
  4. Symbols in Time, Ancient and Modern Symbols

    Some of you here may know Dale Bascom, he's pretty well known in Utah for his book "Following the Legends". Anyway, he is giving a presentation in Provo this January, the is no cost it's at the Provo City Library. I know this isn't exactly a hunt, but thought I'd post it here for those who...
  5. New to site and Shot put man question

    You head due east out of Cedar City on Highway 14 for about a half a mile, on the left there is a dirt road going north park about 100 yards from the highway and the Shotput man is in a draw to the East. These are roughly the GPS coordinates : 37°40'30.37"N 113° 2'39.87"W If you are anywhere...
  6. Ancient Historical Research Foundation

    AHRF Open Membership Explorers and researchers alike are constantly making new and exciting historical discoveries. Piece by piece the puzzle of the past comes together, providing a better understanding of the complex history of our world. Founded in 2004, The Ancient Historical Research...