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  1. Melted Spanish Silver!!!

    This was from yesterday, didn’t have a chance to post. Hit a spot I’ve been to multiple times. Not bad for an hour hunt! Also nice flat button that I forgot to get a picture of
  2. Weird looking bracket?!?

    Found out in a pasture today. Looks like something would sit in it?
  3. 1817 large cent

    Went out for a quick hunt. 1st large cent of the year
  4. Toasted GW long live the president

    Last target of morning. Sad it’s in rough shape. 3rd GW I’ve found. Glad to ID it
  5. Gettysburg 2 day hunt

    Got back down to a private permission in Gettysburg Pa. with a good friend I met a few years ago Everything posted is mine except for the silver 😔 Awesome trip! My buddy who just got into detecting and failed on finding anything on multiple hunts with me back home landed the 1877 Carson...
  6. Buckles and buttons. Old!!

    Good 2.5 hr hunt. Any idea on age of shoe buckle would be great 👍
  7. Button, buckle, ox knob, key

    Hunted with the coiltek 15”
  8. First day with coiltek 15” for the 800

    I hit some spots I pounded to death. Did I actually miss these targets before. I’d like to think I didn’t. 4) large coppers, 1 of them is a Vermont. Which is awesome because It’s my first. Cool buckles and key. I like the coil. Definitely need a harness. Took a break once I located a...
  9. Waiting for 15” coiltek for nox800

    Should be in by this weekend! I’m super excited. Wondering people’s thoughts on it??
  10. V nickel, ox knob, buttons, small buckle

    Another Hunt today. Was detecting and some cows showed up out of nowhere. I knew who they belonged to so I made a call. Landed another permission. Good day lol 😂
  11. A Mummy!!! Toasted coppers, nice button. Buckles.

    Info on the mummy top would be cool. Beautiful day hunting.
  12. Half cent, large cents, buttons

    Good hunt today. Some sort of brass mold??? President buckle??
  13. Artillery war of 1812 button!!! Eagle on cannon!

    Found an awesome button today! Would love any information on it!!! Says London on back, really didn’t want to touch it much. Threw it in the display case. Love the other finds! Great weekend for coppers for me @ 4 and 1/4.
  14. Clipped one cent?

    Found 3 and a 1/4 coins. 1803 draped bust Two toasted coppers Is it common for a penny to be cut? Or was this an accident??? Looks deliberate Also found a weird bronze looking bell piece?
  15. Silver toasted by fire

    Got in a nice hunt today. 1802 was from yesterday. Everything else was today. Can’t wait to go back. I got two pins in one hole which was cool. Any info/dates on any items would be awesome
  16. William penny??

    Found today with a few other goodies Indian head and some buttons. Not bad for an hour and half
  17. Is this Turkish???

    Found today in a field along with 3) large coppers
  18. 1864 2 cent piece

    Awesome find in a field. Didn’t clean much. Leaving it as is
  19. Axe head!

    A little help on identifying please! I know there?s a maker called plumb, but it definitely looks like p.lump to me 🤷*♂️
  20. Is this revolution or civil war era?? Or dress?

    Found this cool button today at a permission I keep chipping away at. Any id would be greatly appreciated