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  1. New Spot

    So, My dad and I went out to try a new spot we had been eyeing for awhile. The reports had said that decent size gold (pieces up to 1/4 in) had been found by the state surveying team in the 80's and 90's and it has been relatively untouched since. Only a few small suction dredge operations...
  2. Metallic red flakes found in concentrates.

    So, my dad and I went out dredging for 4 days, and on the last day's cleanup, we began to get some small, metallic red flakes in our cons that looked like the shiny red coating on fishing hooks. It was heavy and sat with the gold and black sands and I couldn't find anything that it could be. I...
  3. Filing a claim.

    So, my dad and I are finally ready to stake a couple placer claims. However, I have found different requirements from the state and federal levels. If the claim is on FS land, do you still have to follow state policy for marking the claim posts? Secondly, I have read that you should file claims...
  4. Got out yesterday to a new spot

    So, my dad and I went out to a new spot where some claims had recently lapsed and the reports said that it could be worth working. however, we walked probably 3 miles in to the area, and it there was still 2 ft of snow in places and the stream banks had a foot of ice on both sides. we were able...
  5. I'm back, with more questions!

    Hi everyone. It has been a long time since my last post, but my dad and I have finally gotten a dredge and hope to finally be serious with this prospecting thing. So, for the last few years I've been out of the loop and haven't done much prospecting besides playing around with beach sands in the...
  6. salt water pump?

    would this pump be ok for salt water or would it break down? I cannot find anything about it being used in salt water. it does have a cast iron impeller. does that make it unusable due to rusting? if so, can you just replace it with a different impeller?
  7. Whites GMT Detector Question

    today, I began to read more about my detector and I began to wonder, if the detector was properly tuned and adjusted, what would the smallest piece of gold it could detect be?
  8. Places to metal detect for gold on the Kenai Peninsula

    hello. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place that I could detect for gold nuggets on the peninsula? I know that no one is going to give away their best spot, but I need a place to try to find something with my whites gmt that has been sitting around collecting dust since we left California...
  9. Good Gold Or Not?

    Well, we finally found a decent spot that isn't claimed yet. What do you all think? It is easy access. We worked for about 8 hours with a gold cube. It was easy classifying and shoveling. The only problem is a water shortage due to the snow melt water being gone now. Also, there are lots of...
  10. beach gold in kenai

    hello everybody. so, i fell off the world for awhile AGAIN because a lot has been going on. my dad just got out of the army and we bought a house in clam gulch. we are still unpacking our stuff and fixing up things around the house like a dryer venting INSIDE the house. anyways, i have done some...
  11. Buying a dredge

    Hello! So my dad and I are (hopefully) going to get a dredge. I have found someone who has agreed to sell us his used 5" Keene dredge for $1500. It has a Honda engine, all of the hoses and tubes needed to use it, and an air compressor. how can you tell if the pump works without taking it to a...
  12. Fairbanks or bust!!!

    Hello everyone, sorry for not posting for awhile. So my dad has had a busy schedule lately. He has been in the field training soldiers and we haven't got out at all this year. Our family has got orders to go to Fairbanks Alaska in July, and we were wondering if anyone has a dredge that's for...
  13. Is it worth more than 50$

    Hi. Is this detector worth 50 dollars or more? Thankyou
  14. Is it worth more than 40 dollars????

    Hi guys i found this. Is it more than 50 dollars?
  15. Gold prospecting by tehachapi CA

    Hi everyone. Im back to ask more questions. :-). Sorry for not posting on here too often. Does anyone know a place by tehachapi CA to prospect ??? Thanks. PS my dad wanted to go out there. Otherwise we would go to randsburg. Maybe if he has off Alex
  16. Orange county 49ers gold

    Hi everyone. We joined the Orange County 49ers and went out yesterday. By the time we got set up and started classifying it was 1:30. We got 5 runs of 6 buckets of classified material. While we were there we got our biggest piece that we ever found yesterday. Is this considered good gold or is...
  17. Gold prospecting clubs in southern california

    Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting for awhile. Me and my dad are interested in joining a mining club.we went out many times in the desert by us but only found a speck or two. Does anyone know the " best " prospecting club with claims in coolgardie and other places in Southern California?Does...
  18. Kern river trip

    Hi everyone. Went to the kern for two days and got a little bit of gold. Me and my dad both think we did pretty bad. Here's a picture Alex
  19. Wanted keene 151 or keene 140 with blower

    Hi just need a drywasher. Kinda want a blower / engine with but without will do. Thanks. Alex
  20. What kind of rock

    Just wondering. I think it's aquamarine