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  1. New Spot

    We did a little picking at crevices and prying up bedrock and we didnt really get anything. However, most of the crevices we could get to were the same direction as the water flow so it kinda made sense that they didnt have much.
  2. New Spot

    There were actually quite a few trout in the pools, I was regretting not bringing at least a roll of line and a spinner or something. I was wondering about setting up some sort of gravity dredge or something out there, with how it drops so fast it shouldnt be too hard to build up enough...
  3. New Spot

  4. New Spot

    So, My dad and I went out to try a new spot we had been eyeing for awhile. The reports had said that decent size gold (pieces up to 1/4 in) had been found by the state surveying team in the 80's and 90's and it has been relatively untouched since. Only a few small suction dredge operations...
  5. Beginner headed to Fairbanks, AK!

    If you want to be comfortable, waders and neoprene gloves will be good to have. The water by Denali is mostly or all snowmelt so it is bitter cold.
  6. Beginner headed to Fairbanks, AK!

    They have a permit system for private vehicles. However, I believe it is a drawing and you have to apply a year before. I personally haven't panned on the streams toward Denali, but just check for claims. I believe there is a 1/4 mile buffer along the highway for public panning, but that is just...
  7. Beginner headed to Fairbanks, AK!

    You can pan any time of the year, but there are claims on almost all of the gold bearing creeks within 30 miles or so of fairbanks. Outside of that range, the creeks are mostly claimed, but you may be able to find a lapsed claim or a partial section that hasn't been claimed you could pan on...
  8. Hiking boots recommendations?

    I really like my scarpa zodiac plus gtx, but they might give you sweaty feet in the desert
  9. muddy dinks

    Do you think a gmt could pick up gold that size if it was tuned right? I have never found anything with it, but also don't know much about tuning it.

    Hi! I hope the surgery goes well and you have a fast recovery. I have been missing your posts and hope to hear more from you when you are on the mend. Alex
  11. Metallic red flakes found in concentrates.

    So, my dad and I went out dredging for 4 days, and on the last day's cleanup, we began to get some small, metallic red flakes in our cons that looked like the shiny red coating on fishing hooks. It was heavy and sat with the gold and black sands and I couldn't find anything that it could be. I...
  12. Filing a claim.

    "a description of the claim with such reference to some natural object or permanent monument so that an intelligent person with a knowledge of the prominent natural objects and permanent monuments in the vicinity can identify the claim." Woud the creek count as a natural, permanent object or is...
  13. Filing a claim.

    Will the state regulations apply to Forest service land?
  14. Filing a claim.

    To quote the guide posted, " As nearly as practical, a placer claim must conform to the system of public land surveys, which means it should conform to the boundaries of a section and take a legal subdivision (aliquot part) of the section. This conformity may not be possible if the area is...
  15. Filing a claim.

    Here is an example of what I mean. these claims aren't conforming to the system, and I am wondering how to file a claim like these. Is this where metes and bounds comes in and if so, how do you properly use that method?
  16. Filing a claim.

    Yeah, if we were to stake with those requirements, it would take 4-6 claims instead of 2 to cover the area we want. I also know that the govt. never seems to be efficient. I have been taking government classes lately, and that has become evident.
  17. Filing a claim.

    So, my dad and I are finally ready to stake a couple placer claims. However, I have found different requirements from the state and federal levels. If the claim is on FS land, do you still have to follow state policy for marking the claim posts? Secondly, I have read that you should file claims...
  18. sluicing in the kern river

    IDK, but every time we went out there we saw at least one person if not more. We never worried about it tho because we always had at least one gun.
  19. Prospector

    I want to go prospecting and learn from you guys! I can only dream of finding the stuff you all do.
  20. Got out yesterday to a new spot

    So, my dad and I went out to a new spot where some claims had recently lapsed and the reports said that it could be worth working. however, we walked probably 3 miles in to the area, and it there was still 2 ft of snow in places and the stream banks had a foot of ice on both sides. we were able...