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  1. Zebra Marble ! Huge Rock !

    Hello Kray Glender ! … I wonder where it came from. I have not seen anything like this around my area.
  2. Zebra Marble ! Huge Rock !

    Accidentally scratched her up when pulling it out of the earth . Any suggestions how to get rid of scratches? About 250+ in weight
  3. Salton Sea Desert

    Most recent find from Salton Sea Desert
  4. Here,s something I found in the Peg??

    Most recent Find from The Salton Sea Area
  5. Figtree John lost gold and Pegleg Smith ?

    I’ll tell you what. Those mountains have areas that are highly Mineralized with tons of Ancient Native trails that are still Visible to the naked Eye. & Yeah that Figtree John name is pretty Badass 🤙🏽
  6. Figtree John lost gold and Pegleg Smith ?

    Anyone of you still searching for this Pegleg/Figtree mine when comming out to the desert ?
  7. Here,s something I found in the Peg??

    Hey thank you, I appreciate you taking the time to help me identify this nice rock. I’ll have to try out that vinegar trick sometime.
  8. Here,s something I found in the Peg??

    Chunk of Quartz or Calcite I found about 15 miles east from The Hills of the moon at the end of a wash that runs into the Salton sea when there are Huge Rain storms. Gollum could you Please help me identify the type of rock this is ?
  9. Diggin into pegmatite II.

    Rock I found covered with some Tourmaline . Found this piece near In the Salton sea desert
  10. Looking for a Lost Treasure and Found Tourmaline

    Found a little Tourmaline near salton sea while wondering the desert looking for Treasure.
  11. The Lost Pegleg - 1901 Account by Charles Michelson

    Hotlic the”Indian Hut” you talk about in my Opinion is a mountain/hill side resembling a hut and standing on top of this place you’re able to see the mineralized area and not the wash below where the sentinel rock would be.
  12. Roman Coin from the United States!?!?!? If so...I am amazed!

    I?ll keep an eye out now , but there been a couple flash floods so maybe washed away
  13. Frenchmans mine

    Very Interesting Isayhello2u.... I have also had the thought of what’s under all that water... I’ll let you guys know if I find anything
  14. Face Cut Into Mountain in SoCal

    There’s a mountain right across Indian Head that looks just like a face I’m sure you’ve seen it. That one really looks like it had to be man made or something. It has eyes and nose ! Even a mouth..... my question is why did they make Indian Head face the stars ����