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  1. Nice day in Bradenton

    Friday and Saturday it was blowing a storm here. Sunday and Monday were breezy too. So today I went to Bradenton Beach for a while. Greeted by beautiful blue water and sky. Real nice out. Didn’t find too much, but didn’t put in much time.
  2. What is about the max length for a total shaft length?

    I have several carbon fiber and fiberglass tubings 3/4” ID about 54” Long. About 6” longer than an Anderson upper shaft with a lower shaft out 12”. About 18” inches or so longer than the Anderson carbon fiber upper shaft. I was wondering if I made one with the lower rod in one of these shafts...
  3. Big hat on the beach

    Has anyone come up with a way to have a hat other than a baseball cap. Like a big round brimmed hat to protect you whole head from the sun. Even if it means cut the hat so the headphones fit. Or something like that.
  4. Spring tide today!

    It is a Spring tide today. Super low tide this morning and super high this afternoon here in Sarasota. Happens once a month when the sun and moon rise and set together. Happy hunting!
  5. Excal makes loud constant noise after short time of use. ???

    My Excal which is the original type with green handled, blue sword on body, probably original battery, after sometimes short use starts making constant loud sound and will not really pick up targets. Too loud, even with thresh hold turned down. Manual says low battery. I checked it with...
  6. Has anyone modified the Whites Dual Field headphones?

    I have a Whites Dual Field and several other Whites UW machines, and the headphones work fine, but they are really not good and tight on the Dual Field. They sometimes get flipped around, but mainly they just move and do not get real tight. I was thinking buy some sound reducing (chain saw) ear...
  7. Vibra-Pulse 570. Anyone use this?

    I have been looking for a true waterproof pinpointed and would prefer pulse induction, and found this. Says good to 100’, PI, tilt to turn on and auto off. Vibrates instead of beeping or lights. Any good? Any others out there? This would be for diving and snorkeling in saltwater, plus on...
  8. Is there any way to get rid of EMI effecting our metal detectors, besides detuning?

    I mainly use PI detectors that are very sensitive. They pick up EMI from power lines and transmits(Bluetooth and earphones) from cell phones on the beach. Is there anything besides detuning so much we cannot hear it? Last week a friend that has a dive shop / detector shop took me with him...
  9. I really love my White’s Dual fields.

    I have 2 White’s Dual Field detectors. Both great machines with good tuning, better tuning than the White’s Pi Pro. About the same as the Pi Pro but slightly deeper on everything and as hot on gold and alloys like Spanish colonial silver cobs. They both tell you if it’s rusty iron, or non...
  10. Found a ring that says 10KP. ?

    Found a woman’s ring with very tiny real diamonds and what looks to be sapphires, inside it has 10KP No spaces all the same size. There is also a diamond shape with an M or W in it. Does this mean plated? I don’t think I have seen 10 karat plating. Thanks
  11. Look what I found on the beach this morning! Must be worth a million$$$$!

    Found this on the beach this morning. Won't fit in my finds bag. Glad it's not mine! I have no idea how they ended up there. Not looking I suppose. Going to be costly.
  12. Is there a sleeker type of coil stabilizer?

    Most of my water detectors have the fairly large 3" x3" plastic coil stabilizers that clamp onto the shaft at the coil and keep it from changing angle. I have the black White's stabilizer and some copies of them, that are a little sleeker, but still drag. They drag in the water quite a bit. I...
  13. Anyone ever use a 10 pack AA battery holder instead of an 8 AA holder on.White'sSurfm

    I have heard of people using them on whites surfmaster and dual field pi with no problem, just extends the time till batteries are too low. 10 AA batteries instead of 8 AA batteries. Not for more voltage just longer lasting. Let me know, thanks, Steve
  14. I clicked on treasurenet shipwrecks and it went to 10 years ago.

    I was told we cant go back to the old tnet. How come it just popped up? Can we go back 20 years or even 15? I went back 10 and didnt try. It just popped up. This was the semi old tnet not the first style but before now and before the way it is now, if that makes sense. There were 4 or...
  15. Sizes of Minelab Excal shafts.

    I am planning to get some carbon fiber tubes to make my own straight shafts. It looks like the lower rod is 3/4" and the upper(the rod that the lower slides into is 7/8". In other words I need a tube with 3/4" ID and 7/8" OD. Is this all correct? I am getting the tube from China and it is in...
  16. Spring tide this weekend.

    Spring tide this weekend, not much negative tides though. Moon phase is wrong. A Spring tide is when the moon and sun are in synch and rise and set at the same time. The moon affects the tides more than the sun, but the sun does affect them also, so when they are together, the pull is stronger...
  17. loop handled scoop on the "for sale" area here for sale.

    loop handled scoop on the "for sale" area here for sale. There is a loop handled scoop for sale, seems like a great deal, and those scoops are real nice to use. Check it out. Not mine, just saw it.
  18. There is a CZ-21 for sale in the for sale area on here.

    It is way down in the for sale, $725 I think. Check it out. Supposedly in very good shape. Not mine. Just saw it and I knew someone was looking for one. That's $500 off a new one.
  19. Savannah, GA, what is and what isnt legal to metal detect?

    Going to Savannah for Christmas, and want to know where is it legal and not legal to detect. I am sure the parks and squares in the historic area are off limits, wouldnt want to disturb any of that. What about near the forts? Beaches? Riverfronts? I will be bringing a Whites Surfmaster PI pro...
  20. 2 hour hunt on the Bay today.

    Baywalker (Jonnie) has been hunting a beach on the bay for a while, and it dint seem to have been hit hard. He posted a couple posts showing some of that. Jonnie and I hit it this afternoon for a couple hours. The beach was eroded, and it was rocky and shelly, with a filling of sticky mud...