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  1. Can someone identify this 1982 d penny?

    Large date
  2. 1982 Big date over small date possibly?

    Take a look, let me know if I’m being dishonest to myself?
  3. 1923 Peace Dollar

    kool so that is machine doubling ok. thats what i wanted to know
  4. 1923 Peace Dollar

    i agree i need better pics. but if you look at the letter R on its curved leg at the end it appears like a second right below it. and i see the corners like two little corners. same thing on the E ill upload some more pics
  5. 1923 Peace Dollar

    i have this coin i purchased off from ebay. came in ms64 . but i was looking at it and im a bit skeptical about this. cause for the most part im wrong about these things. look at pics and let me know what you guys think, thx. if you guys want more lmk i did rush in taking these
  6. 1907 S Dime

    Let me try some better pics. Apparently they don’t look as clear as I thought, my mistake. But hey that’s why I like the sight. Honest opinions
  7. 1907 S Dime

    What you guys think? Does this one validate RPM
  8. 1966 extra column?? Lincoln penny

    Really? That sucks
  9. 1966 extra column?? Lincoln penny

    Got this in today from some change ☺️ What you guys think?
  10. 1971 Eisenhower Proof

    Congrats on your $3000. Impressive. And thanks fir that info
  11. 1971 Eisenhower Proof

    When i was dateing my wife bck in 2005 she gave to me as a gift. It is a proof coin in package still so i cant really weigh it on its own. But you guys dont notice on the “R” how an extra leg appears on there? Maybe a better pic
  12. 1971 Eisenhower Proof

    Wanna see what opinions i get from this. Whats this called?
  13. Opinions!! 1942/1 mercury dime

    Yea this one is an S mint
  14. Opinions!! 1942/1 mercury dime

    Well darn. Feel so dumb lol
  15. Opinions!! 1942/1 mercury dime

    I purchased this coin a very long time ago. I put it in plastic holder and never really looked at it. But what do you guys think? Am I tripping?? Ive asked a couple of people and im getting that the four is for sure doubled. But i did ask non numismatic individuals. Any input is appreciated
  16. 2008 D penny

    No, no collapsing. Its on there good. But hey thanks for the input.
  17. 2008 D penny

    What do you guys think of this? Ive haven’t seen another like it cause of course its an error but what kind? Also, well i notice that “in god we trust” it starts off with smaller letters and ends up with bigger ones.