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  1. Interesting agate with inclusions

    A friend gave this to me several yrs ago. I have always thought it was agate. Am I right? & what could these mass inclusions?
  2. very contagious stomach virus making the rounds.

    Just thought y'all should know & take precautions. I have just spent a wk plus in bed with what sure felt like the stomach flu. A friends son has it & just talked with friend by Chicago & he said it is really bad up there. Take wipes with you to stores if they don't provide them, & spray/wipe...
  3. Was it worth breaking a nail?

    Didn't find much but I did come across a fire pit about 2 feet down. I walked an erosion ditch, and came across it. Here is the rest of what I found.
  4. Put yourself in the pioneers shoes.

    While driving around trying to find new sites to hunt, I came across this. The guy has been working on it for 3 yrs. He is a blacksmith & has done the work himself. I was thrilled he let me look it over & take pics.
  5. Didnt have to go far, just to my carport!

    Didn't have to go far, just to my carport! Ok, I know most folks in my area would not think twice about offing this little guy. I fish so I understand they are bad for fish populations, but he was so cute! He seemed dehydrated so I put him in a bowl of water (fresh clean no additives straight...
  6. Please beware of cyclists!

    Came upon a car vs motor cycle wreck today. I don't know yet what bikers condition is, but he was unresponsive, & there was a lot of blood. Do NOT blow a stop sign! It's to easy to miss seeing a bike or even small car. WEAR a helmet!! Use blinkers! & most of all, just be aware!! That goes for...
  7. I found paradise, & its in my back yard

    I found paradise, & it's in my back yard Such an amazing sunset, just had to share it.
  8. Found black chantrell heaven!

    A friend & I went to a hillside looking for chantrels but found so much more than we were expecting. Not only did we find shrooms, but the creek bottom was about 20 degrees cooler. Yay!
  9. Geology question

    I have read & heard MO. has some of earths oldest bedrock exposed. If so, shouldn't we be finding more gemstones in this rock? Some of which is volcanic. Wish I could take a geologist with me when I go explore the different sites I have found.
  10. By my fishing lake.

    These guys heard the click of the camera & came to investigate.
  11. Plant of marine fossil?

    Stopped at another road cut & found this little treasure. Don't know what it is, but it is mixed in with marine fossils. It's the first photo of the feathery looking fossil. The other photo is to show what it is mixed in with. Thanks, Mamabear Well shucks, the 2nd photo has the feathery piece...
  12. Different kind of shroom in my yard.

    Was gone for a wk & came back to a yard that looked like it hadn't been mown forever! I found 3 of these little guys in a shady spot after mowing. Have looked in my shroom book, & I think it is an ink cap, but none an exact match yet. Looks pretty poisonous to me. I won't be tasting it anytime...
  13. Im a cruel, cruel Mamabear!

    I'm a cruel, cruel Mamabear! My friend called me this morn asking if I could use some strawberries, so I grabbed a neighbor & we picked bunches! So for dinner tonight I am having old fashioned strawberries & shortcake with whipped cream! I figure I'm getting calcium from the cream vitamins from...
  14. shark teeth in Tybee island, where to go?

    I have one more day to hit the island before I go home. I have heard you can find them while walking the beach, but only in a certain area. Anyone willing to share their area? you can message me so it will be private.
  15. In Savannah again!

    I came down to help daughter pack up to leave dorm. I love Savannah! It is so beautiful' but my fave is Tybee Island. After living in MO. for so long, the beach feels like heaven! Wish I could meet up with some other Tnutters, but I only have a few days left, & didn't bring MD. Everytime I go...
  16. Fortification for treasure hunting!

    Really the treasure is the pan I baked them in. Old cast iron pan. Don't know what it's called, but I've never seen another one like it. A woman in the area owned a restaurant & made the worlds best cinnamon rolls, but alas she doesn't own it anymore. I am trying to duplicate them, but so far...
  17. using tile cutter wet saw for slabbing petrified wood?

    A friend suggested I look into using a wet saw for tile & equip it with a diamond blade. Would there be enough rpm to make it work, or would it burn out motor? It's her saw & I don't want to ruin it. Thanks
  18. Is it Hemitite?

    I live in the lead belt, & there are so many different minerals here I'm not really sure what this is. I found it at a road cut. It doesn't have the growth patterns that I associate with hematite. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  19. Question about different colored druzy

    So I have found clear, white, pink & grey druzy. On my way up the hill from fishing, I found this black druzy. My question is, would it be the same composition as smoky quartz? I find druzy to be such an interesting mineral because of all it's myriad colors & shapes.
  20. From my "odd rock" pile

    found in a creek. Couldn't pass it up. The line of white encircles the rock.