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  1. Equinox Pod Improvements

    I never bought the Nox for it's waterproof guarantee. It wasn't worth the hassle to dunk it on purpose before 3 years passed, BUT...IMO...two units drowning within 3 years total, for one owner, says that ML needs to do a redesign. I don't care how fast ML replaces a pod. Admit your flaw and take...
  2. Hunting Soccer Fields?

    Do you hunt the actual play fields, or only keep along the sidelines?
  3. I need your help ...

    Thick books. Never read like I did in my life, like I did when I worked International and I lived in tents for 30 days. I was never a reader but I "ate up" the chance to get thick books and raced thru them.
  4. ⍰. Is any pointer better than the Carrot? ⍰

    PI is pulse induction and PPr is an acronym for pinpointer.
  5. ⍰. Is any pointer better than the Carrot? ⍰

    I am basically a pinpointer junkie myself. After all these years I have settled on carrying two pointers, the Whites TRX and the Fisher F-Pulse. Like the TEK Pulse, the F-Pulse is a PI pinpointer. My old Carrot was very good but the PI pointers rock in detection depth. I sold my Carrot for $50...
  6. Dirty Deeds! Worst Trick You Played on Detecting Partner

    Straight up, I will and never have f-d with a fellow tector. SHAME!
  7. Equinox 800 upgrade worth it?

    The Nox 600 woulda been a large improvement.
  8. Am I dumb or what?

    A buddy of mine leaned his Sampson shovel against his truck after we hunted and drove off and left it. I parked in the same exact spot on a hunt there later during another hunt, and left my 36" Ground Shark against my vehicle and did the same thing. Bizarre.
  9. Why doesn't XP support Apple?

    "Well, almost every electronic gizmo/toy I buy from amazon, from $10 up supports Apple. It can't be that hard." BINGO!
  10. Am I dumb or what?

    Let's talk dumb though. I took my Equinox 800, equipped with the new 10x5 coil, to a dog park 30 miles away, along with my dog BTW. The dog factors in. I got distracted packing up being the dog was muddy, and left my detector laying in front of the public parking lot, close to a trash can. It...
  11. Am I dumb or what?

    Buy a large bag of dry white rice and let the head unit soak in it for a couple of weeks
  12. Before and After, Gold Ring

    You'd learn two things at the same time. Is it gold, and who to avoid. Makes sense to me.
  13. Before and After, Gold Ring

    Where did you find gold in such terrible shape? Was it in salt water? I personally doubt it is gold at all.
  14. Moderator

    Thanks everyone! They seem to have been removed. I will use the "report" feature. I guess that I assumed everybody was seeing the posts, and not just me. What a devious world on the internet.
  15. Moderator

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  16. 🔎 UNIDENTIFIED Another what is it.

    I think it was a barrel with a bung. Gun people will fill small tanks with tannerite and set explosions with a distant shot.
  17. Nox 600 Questions?

    Then run the horseshoe, open discrimination mode. Get ready to dig a lot.
  18. Nox 600 Questions?

    First, decide if you are hunting for coins, OR relics.
  19. Keg Tap?

  20. XP DEUS II Group Chat

    I don't believe that, in dirt and even wet sand, unless you can do it twice with a witness. Four feet and find a button, was luck and I seriously state that you never had a button signal when you started the dig. What other junk did you come up with in that 4 foot you say you dug?