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  1. Miller Table

    So many gizmos out there calling themselves a Miller Table... Does anyone have a pic of the original Miller wave table? It went out of production at least 40 years ago and I can't google a pic anywhere. Where is Hoser John when I need him?
  2. Precision Dredge

    Im looking for some pics of a original Precision Dredge Show me what you got!
  3. Selling a mining claim

    I met a guy online about a year ago. After talking I agreed to let him pan on one of my claims. All went well. Recently he contacted me and wants to buy the claim on payments. He is offering a contract at a decent price and payments over one year. I would keep ownership until paid in full and if...
  4. Need to clean out the stable

    I mostly do gold dredging but have been coming into good deals on detectors so I am shifting toward that. I have a variety of detectors and need to trim the herd to a couple good ones. I need a machine that is good all around at coins/relics and nuggets. I have to choose one of these... Minelab...
  5. Treasure or Trouble

    I found this story. Its old but and has been discussed years ago but I thought it may stir some lively opinion. Question: Assuming this treasure actually exists, what is the legal ownership situation? Please hold the obvious "haul it out with a flashlight" comments...
  6. Claim Jumper!!

    I did some maintenance on my claim last weekend and met a guy looking for a secluded place to camp. I directed him to the camp site on my claim, asked him to not leave a mess and have a great time. That evening I had a heated voice mail from the claim owner north of mine. The neighboring claim...
  7. Long range detector

    I found an old Fisher M-scope Gemini II long range detector. They are supposed to look deep for pockets and caches. Anyone know if these actually work? Obsolete tech or vintage gem?
  8. Taking apart the pump

    MY compressor drive belt is slipping a bit and the compressor is at the end of its adjustment so I thougt I would shoot a few pics of how to take a dredge pump apart. This is a standard Keene 3x4 450 gpm pump driven by a 11hp honda with a Gast compressor. To begin, get the beast up on a bench...
  9. New gizmo

    I blundered into this on Youtube. At first I laughed out loud but this thing is actually pretty clever. Check it out.
  10. Forest Service mining regulations

    I’m sitting in a booth at the gold show in Monroe, Wa. One of the other booths is the local Forest Service office. Attached is a flyer they are handing out. It seems different than what I understand the CFR to say. Opinions?
  11. Gold Rush: White Water

    Ok, I watched the Fred and Dustin White Water show tonight. I saw the creek they were in and all the ropes and planks and wing dams and I caught myself saying aloud... "Just jump in and dredge!!" Is it me or did that creek look like not that big of deal?
  12. New California

    Wouldn't this be great?
  13. Jaw crusher ID

    I picked up a bunch of mining equipment recently. Part of it was this jaw crusher. No markings on it that I can find. It is a good size BICO style jaw, about 8"x14" but the odd part is that it has a integrated roll crusher below the jaw. Any ideas of the manufacturer?
  14. Gould Bazooka

    I have a client who is looking for parts for his 4" bazooka. He has already called the company and they are unresponsive. I heard Reggie Gould's son took over after he died a few years ago. Are they still in business? Anyone have parts or a complete unit for sale?
  15. New Toy

    A chain of events over a couple years led me to this so when it finally arrived, I pounced. After I git it all home I was left wondering what the heck I had done. I guess it's time to start hooking things up and make it all work...LOLOL this should wake up the neighbors! 8" jaw crusher conveyor...
  16. Tesoro Lobo SuperTraq

    I picked up a gently used (allegedly only twice) SuperTraq today. Nice clean machine. I am not much of a beeper. Is this a good machine? Compared to what? What is resale value?
  17. How to make a furnace from scratch

    You have to watch to the end....dang clever
  18. NOI and POO

    Wanting to do some work on a claim in Idaho. There are small existing retaining ponds and water can be recirculated far away from the creek. I have read the archives and there is MUCH info there to digest. In a nutshell...a NOI is needed when you want to perform operation that MAY have a...
  19. Who owns what on a mining claim?

    A friend of mine bought a group of claims in Idaho last year. I was talking to him tonight and I learned there are two cabins on one of his claims. He said they are controlled by the Forest Service. One of the cabins has been refurbished and is being rented out by the FS. He said there is...
  20. Hydrofuge Gold Concentrator

    This is a goldfarb from the late 1980's, out of production since 1992 and originally developed by Keene Anyone ever seen one? Anyone ever use one? Hoser?