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  1. Kicking a?? And cleaning house

    This past weekend, I was given the oppurtunity to prove how good my V3i really was. I found a city lot that recently had the house and all trees removed. After i got permission to detect the lot, I proceded to start. As I was going along, I started to notice the telltail signs that someone else...
  2. Street Construction

    I decided to hit a street construction project the 2nd time after they had moved dirt around on the boulevards. Even after i had already detected this area once and so have numerous others, she stilll continues to give up it's hidden secrets.
  3. You have to love road projects

    Braved the heat today to work over a road project. This beauty was found near the top due to the fact that a lot of soil has been moved around. Thus you never know how deep you may find a good coin in these construction areas.
  4. Road Construction

    My decision to check out a road construction project has paid off. When my detector read 50 cents and I only dug up a clad dime, I knew something wasn't right. I went back over the hole and it still was ringing. On my 2nd try at it, out this beauty came. It always pays to check your holes the...
  5. Saturdays Daily Double

    I decided to finish up on a yard that I started the other day. The very first signal that I got was the Barber (1906) which was very spotty. I am glad I decided to dig it anyway. After a few clad, I ran across the Mercury (1941). I was only 1 away from the Trifecta but I will take it.
  6. Oldest dime to date

    Found last night within the last 20 feet on my way to my vehicle. When I looked at the back, I thought it was a Barber but was shocked to see it was a seated. This is my first ever seated.