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  1. 🥇 BANNER This is unbelievable this might be my most precious relic yet

    Wow, I don't know what to say...that's an awsome find. Congratulations are in order. A find like that is a once in a lifetime!
  2. 🥇 BANNER Bucket List Seated Quarter - it's a good one!

    WTG!!! Now it's my turn to find one.
  3. am I the only african American that metal detects?

    I usually don't see many people of color while metal detecting. In fact I don't know anyone in my treasure hunting club who isn't white besides myself. I'm Asian (Japanese). Welcome to TreasureNet We're all brothers and sisters here.
  4. Guns?

    I believe that I would call local law enforcement to make sure that you haven't uncovered a weapon used in a crime.
  5. Gold Rush Era 2- Piece Belt Buckle Found !!

    Really nice find. WTG!!!
  6. 🥇 BANNER Eighteen one troy ounce silver bars recovered underwater. Still doesn't feel real.

    Wow, what awesome finds! WTG. I hope that some of your luck rubs off on me!!!
  7. What should I expect upgrading from Whites Spectra V3 to Equinox 600?

    If you have the bucks. go for the gusto!!! With the 800 you get more adjustibility in some settings The two gold modes and the ability to store an additional custom setting of your choosing. A much better bang for your buck!!!
  8. Wireless bluetooth headphones (LOUD)

    If you like bluetooth earbuds, Aukey makes a set that is low latency and pairs up nicely with the Equinox 800. They're great in hot and cold weather alike and don't interfere with wearing warm hats or hooded jackets or raingear. Walt
  9. Fisher F75+ Possible bad coil

    If the coil has a cover on it, the first thing that I would do is to remove the cover & check to make sure it's not full of black sand. Because that would make it give false signals and erratic readings.
  10. Newbie from Ontario

    Welcome to Treasurenet. I'm Walt from the state of Washington. You'll find people here that use the same detector as you do, who can offer valuable advise on how to get the most out of your detector. We've got a great bunch of people here who also share our passion for our hobby. Once again...
  11. Capped bust half dollar

    WTG!!! That's a sweet find! Walt
  12. Big copper & big silvers

    WTG!!! I'd be happy just to find one of those silvers. That was quite a haul. Walt
  13. Got another one but should have gotten more

    Did you send in your Nox to Minelab to get the battery problem taken care of under warranty? Have you got it back yet? Is it charging correctly now? You may want to consider buying an auxilary battery pack like the Power Nox by RB. I purchased one when I bought my Equinox 800 and have never had...
  14. Mountain Lake Hunt

    Looks like you enjoyed yourself on that outing. Perhaps the finds weren't spectacular, however from a pure recreational aspect, it was fun because you were doing something enjoyable. A good question... Do fishing lure manufacturers design lures to catch the fish or the fishermen?
  15. Civil War Relic Hunting

    I wouldn't buy a wood D handled shovel because the first time you use it to pry something that is stuck out of the ground... bye, bye wooden handle (take it from someone who knows...I've dug many deep pits in my bottle digging days and have broken more wooden handles than I care to count). The...
  16. 2021 Coin Talley and Percentages Found to Date

    Yes, I have kmocked on a few doors and researched a few older sites and have got a few go aheads to search a couple of them. I feel that by the end of summer and early fall, that I might add some silvers and older coins to my finds. So far a 1924 S wheat cent is my oldest coin found with a 1943...
  17. Civil War Relic Hunting

    I would purchase and use the 15 X12 Minelab Equinox factory coil to enable me to cover the most ground.I'd probably use Field 1 or Field 2 mode. A good digging shovel like the Lesche Sampson T handle shovel is worth it's weight in gold and is highly recomended. If you get a signal that bounces...
  18. Civil War Relic Hunting

    If you get a signal that bounces between 20 - 40 dig it! It could be a CSA belt buckle or US belt buckle. However if I got any signals, I'd dig them all. Walt

    Wow that qualifies as a super bucket lister!!! WTG!!! Walt