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  1. The rain has come

    I no longer need the jackhammer to dig coins it's finally raining in Tennessee, I was begining to wonder if the state had passed a new law banning rain.
  2. Here is how we can reduce our dependance on foreign OIL. This man makes a very valid point, Myself I think it would work, whats you guys opinion? I post this in hopes we can get something going.
  3. I got Balls...

    These are from yesterday and today. I was hunting the local Highschool and found all these there are 61 and I am going back today so I should have 100 or so by this evening. I did find another silver heart pendant. If anyone is interested in the golf balls I will be posting them in the classifieds.
  4. Needed Jackhammer to penatrate dirt in Tennessee

    IIt hasnt rained here in a long while the dirt has turned to concrete. Anyone having a jackhammer plz lend it to me so I can dig my 2'' coins plz
  5. Raspberries I found FIRE!!

    Hunted the park behind me again today 3.13 in clad one 1937 Wheatie...
  6. First Merc on 4th

    Went out to our local high school for the fireworks, we got there a lil early so my 2 yr old was restless so I discovered soil that has been turned over and graded at the school while walking him. Didnt have my detector with me but we did pick up approx 25 golf balls lost by the golf team. When...
  7. What kinda rock is this????

    I found this in the park behind the house. I live in west tennesee and have never seen one of these. Its not metalic and my detectoer wont see it i just looked down and noticed it.
  8. Bout got the clad out of the yard 1 silver

    Got 1 silver dime today 1964.
  9. How do you please an amish woman?

    Give her 7 mennonite
  10. Found the Playboy Bunny !!!

    11.64 in clad and the playboy bunny. WAs a heck of a day hunting a house built in 1970. going back in the morning to try for some gold this time. Also found 3 baby bats that fell out of a tree. Two were gray and one was redish. Decided to leave them and let nature take its course.
  11. Look here we are being ripped off!!!!!

    American supermarkets are epics of excess: it often seems like every item in the store comes in a "Jumbo" size or has "Bonus!" splashed across the label. But is it possible that the amount of food Americans are buying is, in fact... shrinking? Well, yes. Soaring commodity and fuel prices are...
  12. Hotwheels Treasure Hunts

    Does anyone here collect these hotwheels cars?
  13. Funny Bumper Stickers (MORE ADDED)

    1. I'm not driving to fast just flying to low. 2. Life is all about ass, Covering it, kicking it, Kissing it. 3. Screw unto others as they would screw unto you. 4. Ahole Not just a word a lifestyle. 5. Is there life after death touch my truck and find out. 6. Sarasm Just another service i offer...
  14. Florida or the Moon?

    2 blondes sitting on a bench in texas, one looks at the other and say's I wonder which is closer florida or the moon? The other blonde responds DUH The Moon. Then the first blonde asks how do you know? Finally the other blonde says well duh Can you see Florida?
  15. Prizm III picked up silver real well.

    Today went to an old school to scout it out, on the way Ive passed a really old house many times wishing I could hunt it. Finally today I caught someone there I was expecting a no since it was really nicely kept. The old man told me sure no one lives in it and probably wont. His mom was the last...
  16. 911 called twice today.

    We had just came in and sat down from hunting a few hours and all of a sudden I heard our phone "hello Hello anyone there. I took the phone from our 10 month old and said hello. The response was hello 911 how can I help you. My response was at first uhhh uhhh. Then I went on to explain a 10...
  17. Discovered Cache

    Man unearths box filled with Depression-era cash By DINESH RAMDE Associated Press Writer AP Photo/Terri Deming Advertisement Buy AP Photo Reprints Your Questions Answered Ask AP: Jet pollution, fraction-of-a-cent coins MILWAUKEE (AP) -- Dan Deming had...
  18. I will share some private land at Fort Pillow

    I was given permission today to hunt some private land right below the bluff at fort Pillow. The fort is just straight up the bluff if anyone is interested.
  19. I couldnt believe it.

    Me I just bought a dfx 2 weeks ago. Today me and my wife wander into the goodwill store, Im thinking I dont ever find anything good. As soon as we walk through te door here it is right in the front of the store a whites metal detector box. I thought ok cant be one in it. I headed straight for it...
  20. Need help locating dog

    Today I found a rabies tag for a dog. I really wouldnt want him to be caught without it. It is dated 1955 the tag number is 148546. If anyone see's the dog that this tag belongs to contact me lol Roflmao.