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  1. Cant believe I missed this large copper!

    Snakes get lead poisoning when I see them. We dont have any up here and the bears we have may be just as sneaky but they're easier to see
  2. Could dog food become the ultimate answer to peace???

    The ultimate answer for peace is superior firepower and to not let evil prevail
  3. Wukong Fishing Magnet and Rope

    I know a guy with one that big, or at least he used to have it, until it stuck to an underwater culvert he didn't know was there
  4. Meh, at least I got out

    looks like a spur from cowboy boots
  5. What is it???

    Mmmmm, clackers and yard darts, the good ol days :icon_thumleft:
  6. George Washington letter on God and the Constitution surfaces

    Is there a typed version that is readable?
  7. Little Sure Shot..... annie Oakley

    Did they have any children?
  8. Ice Age foal discovered in permafrost with liquid blood in its heart

    Just because they can, does'nt mean the should, let the dead lay in peace
  9. Nude Beach

    your centipede looks like a leach
  10. Personality Disorders

    If the problem is the individual than take care of the individual and stay away from their personal property Nobody will be able to stop them from driving a vehicle into a crowd Nobody will be able to stop them from driving a bycycle down a crowded sidewalk and slashing people with a kitchen...
  11. An ounce of death and destruction...

    Blue or grey, each one represents an American fighting for his Country, the United States
  12. Cats In The Cradle - Harry Chapin- Live 1977

    Always brings a tear to my eye
  13. Schoolkids discover 1,600-year-old gold coin

    Why is everything they find 1,500 years old?
  14. Great white shark weighing 1,668 pounds spotted off Florida Panhandle

    1,668lbs!!! I'm gonna need a bigger freezer :icon_thumright:
  15. Conical metal arrowhead?

    How do you know there is wood inside?
  16. Gun Control and Mental Health

    When was the last time you flew in a plane? Just about everyone gets xrays and or patted down long before they get close to any planes. FWIW I would like to see everyone on the plane armed and then I would feel safe.
  17. A Vet's Private Nightmare or Hell if you will

    I look forward to the day when vets are in charge of the VA
  18. Gun Control and Mental Health

    And who was the "common enemy" at the time of writing the Bill of Rights?? We didnt have a common enemy BUT the Founding Fathers realized how dangerous an out of control govt. is and they wrote the BoR to limit the actions of the govt. The 2A was written so The People will have access to the...
  19. Personality Disorders

    I did not read all 7 pages but the OP seems to think that stealing/confiscating someones personal property, inanimate objects, will prevent a bad or crazy person from doing bad things. He is 100% wrong because they will always find a way to do whatever bad things they plan on doing whether its...
  20. First time Ever. Honesty on a Weather Report

    On Thursday they're calling for snow and 48 degrees. I dont know why these guys need a college education for this job, heck a monkey could do it better, LOL