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  1. Looks Like a Civil war Button but I could use advice.

    I found this near a old fur trading post in Colorado. I am curious if anyone can help identify it for me. Searching the internet I believe it is a staff button from the civil war period.
  2. 3 Colorado Ghost Town Books - Robert L. Brown

    JRF30 - have you read Ken Jessens books.. ? I also have Wolle's, Browns , Eberharts, Byod and Carson and other books, I like all for different reasons. I prefer Jessens when I am going out to look and photograph sites. At least with his I have a good idea what I can expect to find as his are...
  3. GOLD RUSH ALASKA season 2

    If you want to see more photos of the Crystal go here,, My hobby is photographing Ghost towns so my avatar is one of the pictures I took. It is a pretty famous mill. The last time I was in Tok Alaska I ran in to a lady that had that same picture...
  4. GOLD RUSH ALASKA season 2

    Agreed,,, I know I was taught not to make fun of people but around our house it is a running joke. Every time the show comes on everybody starts talking, nasal, like he does. Makes for a good time.
  5. GOLD RUSH ALASKA season 2

    I have been to Alaska numerous times. Always spend time metal detecting. In less than a week I find more gold then these guys do all year. All I have is a metal detector. Still I can't resist watching it for all the drama and stupidity that happens. The young kid is going to do great. Smart move...
  6. 3 Colorado Ghost Town Books - Robert L. Brown

    Ken actually has five volumes now. He released the Plains ghost towns last year and just about a month ago he released this one. "Colorado's Best Ghost Towns"
  7. Alaska Treasure Seekers Society (Anchorage)

    Know anything about this place?
  8. Ever been to a colorado ghost town?

    Yep - I have been to a few of them. You can see em here.
  9. Place your Ghost Towns Here!

    As a new member I am still exploring the site. In the mean time while I do my discovery perhaps some of you would like to explore some of the Ghost Towns in Colorado. with over 5,000 in the state I am trying desperately to see them all.