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  1. Great Read about Artifact Hunter
  2. No Clue

    Anybody know what this tool does?
  3. Virgin yard permission

    Got permission for a yard that was just off the railroad tracks where I hoped settlers had camped when they came to settle Indian Territory around 1908 in south central South Dakota. The owner thought it had been detected before, but I soon found it had never been touched. Found some great...
  4. 2019 War in the Pacific Quarter

    Found this quarter with a back rim circle imprint on the face. Is it rare or worth keeping?
  5. Crazy September Weather

    On Sunday, it was 94 here in north central Nebraska. Tonight we will be lucky if it gets up to 44. Might even go down to 34 with rain thru Wednesday! >:( Actually, the rain and cooler weather forecast makes me happy. It has been baking dry here for weeks. Went out the other day, with the M6, to...
  6. Hat or Lapel pin

    The snow is almost gone and the thaw has gotten down to 6 or 7 inches. So, I decided to hit a farm field that was once the site of the town horse race track and ball field in the early 1900s. Targets were few and far between, but did manage to score this head from a hat or lapel pin.
  7. Lakota spear point

    Was out fixing fence that "used" to cross the creek before the flood last night. Looked down on a sand spit and saw this broken spear point lying there. BONUS! Appears the knapping failed and it was tossed away, as only one side has the most work. Before my Grandfather homesteaded this piece in...
  8. Dead M6

    Drove 6 hours to do some detecting in an area from the 1880s. Got there, pulled the detector out from the back seat, turned to On and :( nothing! Replaced with back up batter pack. Still nothing. Put in new batteries...still dead. Pulled the cover and all wires are attached and all clips good...
  9. Civil War tin type

    Found this article in today's newspaper, so I guess it qualifies to be posted here! :laughing7:
  10. Cladded

    Got out again today. Hit a city park in a nearby town. They must have rich kids who play there. Pulled clad quarter after clad quarter. :P Only got one old coin. A 1940 Wheatie. And a presidential gold dollar. :) I went to lunch and the cafe owner gave me permission to hunt two of her...
  11. Short But Productive Hunt

    Got out for a short hunt. Didn't disappoint. Found a 25 merc and a Junior Fireman badge. 2 of the rays were previously broken off, so I added a 3rd when I dug the target!:(
  12. Lesche Question

    It's hell getting old! I "misplaced" my old K-Bar digging knife and am looking to buy a Lesche. Went on line and see there are two types. Left handed teeth or right handed teeth. Is the primary cutting side the one with the teeth?
  13. GREAT PR for us detectorists

    Man loses family heirloom near shore, gets help from beachcombers
  14. Quick Warm UP

    It was chilly. It was windy. But this pocket spill warmed my heart. First pocket spill since I have started back metal detecting. 17 & 39 Mercs, 34, 37 and 41 Wheaties.
  15. Somebody got their picture taken

    Makes me envious of these conditions! California, Parched for 5 Years, Is Now Battered by Water
  16. The Grocer, The Barber, an Indian and the Messenger

    Finally got some rain. It has been so dry that I stopped cutting plugs as they didn't "reheal"! Went to a permission that was the yard of a town grocer in 1900. I have previously pulled Vs, Indians and wheats off of this yard. There had to be silver somewhere. The owner's nephew had recently...
  17. A Fun and Productive Afternoon

    After spending the morning cutting up big 3 trees the wind took down the other night, I decided I needed some fun. So, I drove the wife to town for her club meeting and do a little dirt fishing. Hit the old ball field that I have worked many times. But, as they say, it is never picked clean. I...
  18. Ahhhhhh

    After a long, cold 3 months, we have had a crazy warmth this week and the frost went out. Had to get out and scratch that dirt fishing itch. Went to a place I have wanted to check out for some time. Didn't take long to realize someone had been there and pounded it in the past. I did manage to...
  19. Semi-Key Barber Quarter

    Had some time to kill so thought I would spend it on the hard hit town ball field. Glad I did when I decided to dig the tiny coin squeak in the middle of some pull tabs. At about 8 inches I rolled out this 1901-O!
  20. Medal of Honor

    Medal of Honor (w/MST answer) Long time lurker who was active on another outdoor forum that had a MD section, but they shut down. I can't go without a MD outlet!:laughing7: Started my MD career back in 75 with a White's 6000D. Back into it again when I bought an M6 last year. Have some...