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  1. Texan Roll Call!

    Menard and McCulloch County
  2. New hunter in duh house

    Hey Karl....lets get together and hunt!!
  3. Pahrump,NV. metal detecting???

    I'm new here but will try and find info out. Look me up when you get here.
  4. Newbie in Pahrump

    If there is anyone in my area that's looking for a hunting buddy then just holler.
  5. Mexia Area

    Anyone around the Mexia area?
  6. Central Texas

    I'm in Groesbeck
  7. Vernal Area

    I am new to this area and the hobby as well. Looking for someone who can get me started and possibly let me join them.

    This club is no longer available. I called and the lady said her husband died and she closed the club.
  9. Newbie in Central Texas

    Archeology can be any part of looking for history. I wish I found oil.
  10. Newbie in Central Texas

    I haven't found anything lately. Weather and all. I don't have any good spots to go to. I usually hunt around Lake Mexia, around Fort Parker and walk parts of the Navasota. Just found some arrowheads. Have you found anything good?
  11. Central Texas Leads

    I am newbie and looking for any leads in central Texas. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Michael
  12. Newbie in Mexia

    Looking for a mentor in Central Texas. I am a newbie at detecting but eager to learn. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Newbie in Central Texas

    Hello, Looking for a hunting buddy in Central Texas. I am in Mexia......just outside of Waco.
  14. Central Texas

    looking for anyone in the limestone or surrounding counties.
  15. panhandle area

    looking for hunting buddies in the texas panhandle. i am a newbie and wanting to get into this. any help would be appreciated.
  16. Anyone Round Amarillo...?

    Re: Anyone 'Round Amarillo...? lets go hunting.......... ;D
  17. Anyone Round Amarillo...?

    Re: Anyone 'Round Amarillo...? hello i am in lubbock. new to this hobby. would like to help and chat whenever you get the chance thanks michael